The Cost of Botox in Malaysia

Botox injection or also known by the term of botulinum injection is a very popular beauty treatment that helps to smooth out current wrinkles and to stop fine lines and wrinkles from forming. It comes at a price though, just as any other beauty treatment does. Smooth, wrinkle-free and flawless skin isn’t free and many people are willing to pay a wide range of amounts to achieve perfection. Botox is on the lower scale of cost compared to other beauty treatments that are used to smooth lines out from the face to appear more youthful.

Botox injections in Malaysia are sometimes a better deal than how much botox can cost in many Western countries. Sometimes botox in Malaysia costs only half or a quarter of how much botox costs in Western countries. Botox in the west can cost a fee of anywhere from three hundred dollars to five hundred dollars. In Malaysia the price is usually between seventy-five dollars and one hundred and fifty dollars for the most inexpensive treatments, although it may cost more. Price does depend on how much the doctor or dermatologist wants to charge for the botox filler treatment.

Despite seeking out the best deal for botox treatments the primary concern when looking into getting botox is safety. Sometimes paying a little more that the cheapest option for your botox treatment will keep your face safe from potential side effects that sometimes occur from bad or poor quality botox. Harmful effects like a swollen face, bruising, vision alterations, a frozen face, drooping eyes, extreme headaches and allergic reactions. Other more extreme cases of side effects have resulted in death by botulism poisoning which can occur if the botox spreads to other areas of the body than just the muscle it was infected into.