The Base of Your Cosmetics Collection

Every girl needs a great cosmetic collection in order to make herself up however she likes. This means that she should have a wide selection of eye shadows, lipsticks, eyeliner, and blushes. She should also have a good foundation and powder to even out her skin tone. You can find a majority of these items at your favorite online beauty store. Other things can be found at a variety of places like drug stores or even the art department of your local crafts store.

One of the most important items of a girl’s cosmetic collection is her brush set. You should invest in high quality brushes because they are the tools of the trade! All the best makeup artists swear that you need a minimum of several brushes in order to achieve a really great makeup look. Some of the best brushes come from cosmetic brands such as Sigma Beauty Brushes. This are incredibly well made products that will last you years to come. However, if you find yourself on a budget, then head to your local crafts store. You can pick up makeup brushes in the paint aisle! They come in all shapes and sizes much like what you find at the beauty store, but a fraction of the price. When it comes to quality control, these brushes are not to shabby. However, these are the only things you should be buying from the crafts store for your makeup collection. No glitter allowed!

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When it comes to selecting your eye shadow palette, then just have fun. You will need the classic browns, blacks, and neutrals to form the base of your collection. However, do not be afraid to choose some wild colors to accent your look as well. Think outside the box when it comes to choosing colors that you will buy. For example, pinks and lavenders look great on blonds. Blues and yellows look lovely with brunettes. Keep your coloring in mind when you buy complimentary eye shadows.

When it comes to skin care products, every girl needs a wide array of things that will keep the skin looking healthy and refreshed. Products from top brands such as StriVectin, Luzern, or Butter London are well known for their ability to transform even the dullest looking skin. Once you have the backbones of your cosmetic collection, then you can begin investing in more fun items like bronzer, lipsticks, and lip stain!

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