The Wide Use of English Language in Malaysia

Students are required to study English in Malaysian schools despite the evolution of the Malaysian education system toward Bahasa Malaysia as the official language of instruction. In 1974, communicative language teaching was proposed for the English language course syllabus. The approach has been to engage learners in relevant interaction and meaningful communication. There are, however, great differences in the language learning process between the secondary schools, university classrooms and private language schools.

A great place to learn English in Malaysia is at a private English language school (see ELEC). A good option is one that offers a unique system and allows students to tailor their courses to their individual needs. A student can choose from General English or Academic English with IELTS as their major study program. A bonus program is the afternoon Special Focus Modules. Each student selects a focus according to his/her needs. These optional English Extras classes are interesting and fun. More details about the programs are below.


ELEC Language Center Malaysia
ELEC Language Center Malaysia


✍ The General English Program is for students who want to learn more effective verbal communication. Each student makes fast progress in English fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading and writing skills.

✍ The Academic English with IELTS Program is for students who want to develop knowledge of the IELTS exam and improve test taking and academic skills. Each student improves his/her study skills and fluency for presentations. The course also helps with academic reading and writing skills as well as listening skills.


✍ Special classes are offered in the afternoons for students who need to make really fast progress and want to focus on particular individual needs during one-on-one lessons. The goal could be, for example, to focus on Business English for a particular job. Other goals could be to improve fluency skills, writing skills or exam preparation. The teachers are highly skilled and experienced professionals who are patient. Five hours per week of English Extras are usually available.

Unique to ELC, English Extras give you the chance to practice your English skills in a relaxed and stimulating environment while learning new skills and making friends. These optional special interest classes and clubs are offered after class in the afternoons. A student simply chooses the Extras he/she is most interested in or the class that will be the most useful.

Malaysia is an ideal place to learn English because the language schools offer a variety of learning options and hire excellent teachers.