Online Law Courses: The Good and The Bad

If you have any aspirations of studying law and obtaining a degree, chances are that you may have considered taking online courses. Moreover, you probably have seen various advertisements offering different types of online law degrees. If you are considering this as an option, you need to carefully weigh all the benefits and drawbacks of taking online courses. Here are some key factors to consider to help you make an informed decision:



There are many different online law courses offered by various schools, but in general, they all have one thing in common: flexibility. Online courses allow you to study at more or less your own pace, thus allowing you to work around your schedule. As there are no physical classes to attend, you can study on your own time. This is highly beneficial particularly to those that have other commitments, such as work, family, etc.



While it’s hard to gave an exact figure that applies to all situations, it can be generally be said that online courses – whether for law or other fields – are significantly cheaper compared to the costs at brick and mortar institutions, often at just a fraction of the cost. Given that tuition can be in the six figures, the savings are huge, which is especially helpful if you’re on a tight budget.


Robert Gordon University Aberdeen Online Law Degree -
Robert Gordon University Aberdeen Online Law Degree –




One of the main drawbacks to these types of online courses is the lack of discussions and debates. Particularly with regards to law, this is a topic that requires live discussions, debates and feedback in order for students to truly become acquainted and well-versed in the subject matter. However, some online courses do offer this, whereby part of the program includes live, interactive sessions with the professor and other students. You should research the program that you’re consider and determine the level of interaction that is offered. If you still aren’t sure, don’t hesitate to contact the prospective program and ask these types of questions.


Online Law Studies by Australia Edith Cowan University
Online Law Studies by Australia Edith Cowan University




Again, there are many online law schools, so it is hard to make an overarching statement here, but you need to consider if the online law course that you’re considering is accredited; not all of them are. This, of course, varies by location and program, but in general, it needs to be said that accredited programs are obviously much more beneficial.


California Southern Unviersity Provides Online Law Degree
California Southern Unviersity Provides Online Law Degree


The above points should give you a summary of what to consider when deciding to potentially sign up for an online law course. Either way, please further research any potential program that you’re considering in order to fully assess if it may be right for you. For further information about specific types of courses and what they can offer you, please find more at