5 Natural and Cruelty-Free Skincare Tips: Defend Your Skin with Nature

Ingredients from nature go into the best skincare products to defend your skin from harm. Everyday life takes a toll on skin: sun exposure accelerates ageing, pollutants in the air soil the skin, makeup and other products can clog pores or promote drying. Even the foods you eat can have a bad effect, such as increasing oiliness or skin breakouts. Dehydration from climate conditions, activity or not taking in enough fluid can cause skin to become dry and may make fine lines more apparent. With natural skin care products and a good skin care regimen for your skin type, you enhance your beauty and keep your skin looking young and refreshed.


Use Products Made From Natural Ingredients

Many beauty aids and skincare products contain artificial ingredients that are harsh and potentially harmful. Alcohol, chemical fragrances and all those unpronounceable ingredients aren’t doing your complexion any good. Nature provides valuable plants with antioxidant properties that fight damage to our bodies, including our skin. Aloe vera, plant extracts and clay give superior skincare advantages.

Use natural facial cleansers to preserve your skin’s natural balance!


Start with a Natural Cleanser

Ordinary soap can make your face feel dry and tight. Regular bar soap and liquid bacterial soap may change your skin’s pH and leave residue on your skin. Never use these soaps on your face. Apply a natural cleanser to your face to preserve your skin’s natural balance. With a good natural skin cleaning product designed for the face, you cleanse your skin without harming it. For deep cleaning, a clay cleanser removes impurities in the pores to help your attain a clearer, more radiant complexion.

TTO is the best acne treatment I've EVER used. Here's how to use tea tree oil for acne.


Treat Acne-Prone Skin With Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil and extracts have antibacterial properties and are used to prevent and improve many dermatological conditions. This remarkable natural plant essence performs well in clinical trials and has been adopted by top beauty brands worldwide for use in beauty aids and natural skincare products.

Not all products use enough of this quality ingredient to be effective and not all skincare products containing tea tree oil are free of artificial ingredients. Always read labels and look for all-natural tea tree skincare. Use tea tree products daily for best results.

Apply Moisturisers and Skin Creams to strengthen your skin’s natural defences


Apply Moisturisers and Skin Creams to Defend Your Skin

Plant extracts strengthen your skin’s natural defences. An effective blend of wholesome plant extracts guards your skin against harm, moisturises to prevent unnecessary dermal stress and balances oils. Oil control helps to prevent excessive shine or dryness, making plant extracts a good solution whether you have dry skin, oily skin or combination skin.

Use Eco-friendly, Cruelty-free Skincare

Many products and their production and packaging are harmful to the environment. The best skincare lines contain natural ingredients and strive to be part of the solution for a healthier environment for everyone. Choose natural skincare products that are cruelty-free by companies that create their skin formulas without harming animals. One brand that meets the criteria of offering natural skincare products with eco-friendly packaging is Naruko skincare. This company has a strong following in Asia and has gained recognition worldwide in the natural beauty niche.

The principles of caring for your skin and caring for the environment and animals go well together. Feeling good about your complexion improves your confidence and makes a good impression on others. Expanding the good feeling by caring for the future with eco-friendly, cruelty-free natural beauty products that benefit your skin offers lasting rewards.

Great Tips That Will Make Keeping Your House Clean Much Easier

Cleaning is something that everyone has to do on a regular basis. Cleaning can be difficult especially if you have a large home. You want your cleaning tasks to be as simple and effortless as possible. You should know some great tips that will make keeping your home clean much easier.

To remove pet hair from upholstery, dampen a rubber glove and run your gloved hand over it.
Pet hair will stick to rubber glove!


Use Rubber Gloves to Remove Pet Hair

It can take hours to remove pet hair from upholstery and other fabric surfaces. A way to do this quickly is to put on some rubber gloves like those used when doing dishes. Wipe your hand across the surface. The pet hair will stick to the glove. Just a few passes will clean the upholstery in seconds.

Clean One Room at a Time

Try not to leave all of your cleaning for one day of the week. This can be stressful. Plan to clean one room at a time on different days during the week instead. Clean smaller rooms on busy days. Save the rooms like bathrooms and the kitchen for the weekend when you have more time. This will keep your house looking clean throughout the week.

Lint Rollers help you save lot of time!


Use Lint Rollers on Lampshades

You could spend a long time trying to clean and dust lampshades. Vacuum cleaners do not always work. An alternative is to get a lint roller. You can quickly pick up all the dust that has settled on a lampshade with a lint roller. The roller will leave the shade clean without damaging the material or leaving stains behind.

Pick Up As You Go

Do not let messes accumulate in your home during the week. If you see something that needs to be put away or thrown in the trash, then do it immediately as you are walking through the room. Do not ignore small issues since this will make your cleaning tasks harder when you get to them later.

It help you to save time!


Use a Cleaning Robot in Your Home

Take advantage of modern technology. Use a cleaning robot in your home like the Neato Robotic VX-21. The robots are small vacuums that operate automatically. The robot can be run one or more times a day. It will pick up dirt and dust on your floors so that they stay looking clean.

Choose Ergonomic Brooms, Sponges and Brushes

Something that can make cleaning very difficult is using uncomfortable or awkward supplies. Choose ergonomic brooms, sponges and brushes that feel comfortable in your hands. Make certain your broom is tall enough to be held without crouching over. Ergonomic tools will make cleaning simple and easy.

Don keep it all !!!


Throw Away Things You Never Seem To Use

Look at the things in your home while you are cleaning. If you notice something that you will never use again, then throw it away immediately. Throw away anything that you seem to always be working around like an old box or a dead plant. Throwing away things you never seem to use will reduce dust and the time it takes to clean your home.

Maintain a Cleaning Schedule

A final tip is to create and stick to a cleaning schedule. If you do not do this, then you could easily forget to clean or could push it off for weeks. Figure out when you are going to clean each room during the week. Set aside a realistic amount of time to finish. Schedule you appointments around the cleaning times. Cleaning is easier when you have a set schedule.

Cleaning is always an ongoing process. You are never really done since dust, trash and dirty dishes will keep appearing during the week. Take time to plan your cleaning strategy. Break up cleaning tasks into small and manageable sections. Just a little planning and the right tools can make keeping your house clean very easy.

Room Cleaning Tutorial!

8 Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea: The Miracle Brew

Can anyone please explain to me why Japanese green tea is not the most popular beverage on the planet? The health benefits have been studied, documented and disseminated far and wide, yet there are still people out there who are not drinking the stuff.

In case there is anyone who is still not aware of all the good stuff green tea can do for you, let me list the 8 biggest things it can do for you:

1. It contains polyphenols, which act as antioxidants and rid the body of free radicals which cause aging and disease;
2. It contains caffeine, which perks you up and improves brain function;
3. It increases metabolism and helps you lose weight;
4. The antioxidants lower your risk of cancer;
5. The catechins in green tea can protect your neurons, which is thought to lower the risk of diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimers;
6. It kills bacteria which lowers the risk of strep, as well as making your breath fresher;
7. It lowers insulin sensitivity and can lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes;
8. It lowers cholesterol;

Again with the science, but there are lots and lots of studies which show that populations of people who consume green tea regularly suffer far less from the diseases mentioned above than people who don’t. Ask your doctor the next time you see him.

I think the main reason that people don’t drink more is that they think they don’t like the taste. To be fair, I used to be the same. I don’t like the way the Japanese drink it, plain and hot in little cups. But, if you taste it side by side, made exactly the same way, with regular tea, the taste is almost identical. So, the secret to drinking more green tea is to treat it exactly like regular tea. If you like it sweet, add sweetener. If you like tea the British way, add milk and sugar to green tea. It comes iced, flavored, pre-made, and in bags. In other words, you can get it in all the same ways as you can regular tea. My personal favorite is a diet ginger ale made from green tea.

So, go ahead and make the switch from regular to green tea – get one here. Your body and your health will thank you.

5 Reasons You Need a Virtual Private Server for Your Website Right Now

If you run a website and want to make sure it loads smoothly for all your visitors, you need to invest in a solid and reliable host. Furthermore, if you want control, you should consider getting a virtual private server, or VPS. In fact, if you run a business, you need to invest in a VPS, and here are five big benefits of doing so.

Faster page load times: If you have a lot of people coming to your site, you will watch as their speed times decreases rapidly, especially during busy moments. Think about it, if you run an e-commerce site, you will want your visitors to watch the pages load in less than a second. If they don’t load quickly, some people will opt to take their business elsewhere. So, if you want to keep the clients on your page and away from your competition, you should invest in a VPS as the website will load faster and won’t throw up any timeout errors.

More features: When you run a site, you probably will want to do a lot with it. Yes, if you are a site owner, you will want to usually have feedback forms and other interactive things that your clients can use. However, if you use a typical host, you are going to be extremely limited in your choices. But, if you host with a VPS, you won’t worry as you can use all the available features. Then, when you can install a shopping cart with ease, you can run your site and not worry about spending hours setting up minor things.

Security: Without a secure site, you are one bad day away from losing it all. Sadly, hackers or mischievous people will crack a site just for fun. Other times, well-funded criminal organisations will try to knock down your site and steal information. While an SSL certificate helps, it’s not enough if you want to truly protect you and your clients. Luckily, with a VPS, you can protect both you and your clients as nobody else will host on the site. To learn more on virtual private servers, you should do your research and ask plenty of questions.

Scalability: Now, if you run a site and want to make changes quickly, you can do so. However, on the hosting end, if you want to scale it up, you are going to struggle with a typical host as you will not have many options. On the other hand, with VPS, you can make changes and get more out of the experience when you add more capability to your servers. Then, when doing so, your visitors will get the best experience, all without noticing any changes. For this reason, if you own a site that is going to get a lot of traffic in short bursts, you need to invest in a VPS.

More help from the host: Let’s face it, if you are paying very little for your hosting, your host probably just sees you as a way to make a small profit. On the other hand, if you use a VPS, you will get better support as you are hosting the host that you care about your site. Simply put, if you want to go out of your way to help your clients, the host is going to help you get your site up and running smoothly and safely.

If you host a website, you need to consider a VPS. When getting this package, not only will you enjoy a faster site, but it will be better and more secure for everyone involved.


Quick and Easy Tips For Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are different than other flooring. They are susceptible to damage – water damage causing buckling and warped boards. And scratches and chips from shoes or dropping hard objects to name a few. Proper care and maintenance can help keep your hardwoods looking luxurious and new, starting with how you clean them.

Unlike tile and linoleum, a bucket of water and floor-cleaning-chemicals are not recommended for hardwoods. Water and wood don’t mix and overtime can cause serious damage. Many chemicals are also unsafe to use on your hardwoods.

If you want to know the best ways to keep your hardwoods clean while preserving their beauty, try some of these tips for proper hardwood care:

• Sweep – Sweeping with a soft bristled broom removes dirt, pet hair and crumbs without damaging or scratching the wood. Sweeping in between thorough cleanings helps preserve your floors.

• Wipe up spills – Keeping on top of spills helps to prevent damage to your floors and keep them looking nice. A dry towel to soak up the spill first, followed by a moist towel to get the sticky residue but be sure to dry the area after.

• Vacuum – Vacuuming is recommended on your hardwoods so long as the wheels and cleaning device don’t have sharp areas that can scratch or damage the wood. One vacuum that shows great results for hardwoods is the Roomba 650.


Roomba 650:

The Roomba is unique in that it is a robotic vacuum that can be set to clean when you need it to. If you want it to clean 7 days a week, you can program it to. Or, push a button and have it clean on demand. After each cleaning the Roomba 650 will retract to its home base and recharge. The latest in technology for vacuums, it is safe, easy and gentle on your hardwood floors.


Cleaning agents to avoid using on your hardwoods:

• Water – water can warp your wood floors.
• Silicone, undiluted vinegar or ammonia – all damage your floor’s finish.
• Oil soaps or products with wax – Will leave a residue on your wood.
• Citrus, lemon or tung oil products – These products can eat away the finish on your floors.

Property Tips, a How-To Guide to Buying Property in Malaysia

You have heard that buying property in Malaysia is very cheap and this certainly true. The first thing you should do when you find some prospective property in Malaysia would be to find a very good property lawyer. Real estate lawyers can provide you with invaluable information and help out during the transaction process.

Before you get into any specifics it would be advantageous for you to look into the restrictions Malaysia places on foreign prospective home owners. Firstly, a foreigner can buy any kind of home in Malaysia provided that the base value is at least 76,453 United States dollars which would translate into about 250,000 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit). This rule applies whether you are buying a bungalow, a summer home, a manor or a simple, one story, flat type, terraced or linked home property (check current Malaysia property market).

Next, once you have found the home you wish to live in you should send a letter of offer to which the home owner or owners will reply with a letter or rejection or acceptance wherein they will expect a deposit of 3 percent of total payment on the residence in question. Usually the Sale and Purchase agreement is signed next, almost always within fourteen days. When this document is signed the buyer will be required to make another deposit, this time at 7 percent the total price of the home. After signing and acceptance of the document the purchaser has a total of three months to successfully pay off the price of the residence in full.

A brief side not, one should always be very cautious about purchasing property that lies in not yet completed condominiums. The reason for this is that the purchasing party or parties is unlikely to be protected from default. This issue is quite a hot topic in Malaysia at the moment, especially with the Malaysian House Buyer’s Association.

The Only 5 Beauty Treatments to Get You Looking and Feeling Your Best

Have you ever walked into a salon and spa, saw the options available, and thought, “How do I know exactly which treatments I need?” Navigating through the many different beauty options available might leave you feeling a bit confused. Learn more about the different treatments available, from hair care to facials, to get looking and feeling your best.


Hair Treatments

From trims to blowouts, and hot oil treatments to extensions, the many available treatments for your tresses are vast.

Having your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks is recommended to reduce the likelihood of split and brittle ends. Hot oil treatments may be recommended for overly dry or damaged hair. Extensions are great for achieving length and volume without having to get a blowout or wait for your hair to grow.


Hair Removal Treatments

You want to look your best, and getting rid of unwanted hair is one way to do so. Instead of taking care of it at home, you can opt for hair removal options at your local spa or salon.

Laser hair removal, chemical hair removal, waxing, and epilators are all different ways of hair removal. Laser hair removal is by far the most expensive, with waxing and chemical treatments coming in as the least expensive.



Your hands are one of the first things people touch upon meeting, so it’s nice to have them looking beautiful and feeling soft. Moisturizing treatments, cuticle treatments, manicures, and regular trimmings can help keep your palms, knuckles, and fingers looking their best.


Skin Treatments

Your skin is the largest organ on our bodies, and when life takes it’s toll, it shows on your skin. Regular skincare treatments can help keep your skin looking radiant and youthful. From body wraps and body scrubs to facials and deep-pore scrubs, you can have your skin looking young again in no time.



Various different types of massage are available for different purposes. Deep tissue massages are designed to reduce chronic muscle tension. Aromatherapy massages are used to help relieve stress through the sense of smell and touch. Reflexology, also known as foot massage, is used to apply pressure to certain points that deal with organs in your body. Massages are great for beauty because when you feel great, it shows.

Learn more about beauty treatments by visiting http://www.prive-clinic.com.

How to Make Money As A Web Hosting Reseller

There are dozens of ways to make money online, but one of most popular is by reselling web hosting in countries like Singapore. While it might sound complex, reselling hosting space is simple, easy, and if someone has the proper marketing skills an extremely lucrative project to get involved with.

What is Web Hosting Reselling?

Web hosting in this instance can be thought of like an apartment that’s being sublet. You are renting the space from the actual owner, but then you can turn around and sublet the space to other users who actually need the web hosting services. The goal is to get your own set of customers who are paying you “rent,” so that you’re making a profit over and above what you pay the actual web hosting owner (see www.Exabytes.sg/web-hosting/reseller-hosting/).


How to Make Money Reselling Hosting Services

The key to making money when it comes to web hosting reselling is marketing, and finding the right client base. It’s important to see what other resellers are offering, and what they’re charging, and figuring out a way to get your own niche for a customer base.

For instance, you might offer small amounts of space and easy-to-use hosting tools as a way of engaging webmasters who are just getting started. This means that your low costs and simple tools will be greatly appealing when compared to the competition. This is the equivalent of offering low-rent housing to students or those who are just moving out of their parents’ homes; they don’t get much, but they don’t have to pay very much for it either.

On the other hand you might attempt to offer more space and faster hosting at a reasonable rate. This kind of approach would best be aimed at those with websites that have moderate needs, but who can’t afford big fees for the tools and space they need. The result is that you end up with websites who have been established, and who have outgrown the needs that just-starting web hosting services can provide.

Give Them What They Want 

Getting a good customer base when it comes to web hosting reselling is key. For that you need to know what your customers want, and you need to market the service you’re offering. Once you have a customer base though chances are that good service will grow that base to the point at which you’re filled to complete capacity.

Complete 10-Step Tutorial for Fabulous, Flawless Makeup

Looking for a makeup tutorial that will help you put your best face forward? This is it — you’ve found one! Follow these 10 steps to achieve a fabulous, flawless look that you can customize for any occasion.

Step 1: You’ll want to start with a clean face. Wash your face using the cleanser of your choice. You could use an oil cleanser, a cleansing mousse, or a foaming cleanser for this task. Cleansing tissues are helpful for evenly applying the cleanser to your face.

Step 2: Follow up with an application of your favorite moisturizer.

Step 3: Apply foundation. Foundations come in many forms; you can use a liquid foundation, a compact-based foundation, or a mineral makeup foundation. Be sure to choose a foundation color that matches your skin tone.

Step 4: Use a blush brush to apply blush to your cheekbones. To find the right spot, smile in the mirror, then look for the “apple” of your cheek — the most prominent spot on your cheek when you smile.

For an everyday look, you can use a neutral-colored blush that’s slightly pink or slightly peach, depending on the color of your outfit. For special occasions, like prom or an evening out, you can choose a darker, more dramatic shade of blush.

Step 5: Apply a light dusting of powder over your face and forehead. This helps eliminate shine from oily skin, and it also helps to blend your blush and foundation together to create a smooth, flawless look.

Step 6: Outline your eyes with eyeliner. You could use an eyeliner pencil or a liquid eyeliner. If you’re using pencil, make sure the pencil is sharp before you begin. A sharpener can help with this if your eyeliner pencil becomes dull.

Step 7: Define your eyelids with eye shadow. Choose colors that will complement the clothes you’re going to wear today. You’ll want to use a gentle foam sponge brush for applying the makeup on your lids.

Step 8: Carefully apply mascara to your eyelashes.

Step 9: Outline your lips with lip liner.

Step 10: Apply lipstick, and blot any excess lip color with a tissue or paper towel.

10 makeup step

If you’re missing any of the items mentioned in this makeup tutorial, be sure to check out the products made by Too Cool for School cosmetics. They offer a wide variety of cleansers, makeup tools and cosmetics that will help you look your best.

Get Your Business Off the Ground: Office Solutions for Small Companies

Many companies make use of owned or leased office space. These may be shell spaces, and the company itself may be responsible for everything from supplying office desks and chairs to running computer networking wires through the walls. This is a feasible solution for some companies, but it may not be suitable for all businesses. If you run a smaller company or if you are starting a new business from the ground up, there are a few points to consider.

Your Budget

First, you should pause to think about your budget for office space. Both purchased and leased space can be costly, and it can be even more costly to outfit the office with everything you need. Everything from the style of the space to its location can play a role in the success of your business, so these are areas that you may not want to skimp on. After all, you want to create a professional, successful appearance through your office space. Nonetheless, you may be working with a tight budget, and you may need to invest in cost-effective business space solutions.


Your Need for Special Services

While you may need your office space outfitted with the right furnishings, equipment and other physical features, you may also need it to be staffed and fully serviced. Everything from paying for service from a receptionist to paying third party vendors for Internet access, telephone service, maintenance on the copier machine and other services all add to the expense of running an office. These expenses are added onto basic office-related expenses, such as electricity and water bills. Clearly, running an office can be expensive, and you may be looking for a feasible way to reduce overhead while still maintaining a professional office space for your business to function out of.

While you may consider skimping on some areas in order to keep your business’s overhead low, the fact is that there may be a more feasible solution for smaller businesses to consider. For example, a virtual office is one option to consider. With this type of serviced office solution, you actually can run your business out of your home, but you may benefit from having a professional business address, phone service and other services. You will be able to give clients the appearance that you run your company out of a professional office building, but you will be able to save money by running the company out of your home.

office space infographic