How to Make Money As A Web Hosting Reseller

There are dozens of ways to make money online, but one of most popular is by reselling web hosting in countries like Singapore. While it might sound complex, reselling hosting space is simple, easy, and if someone has the proper marketing skills an extremely lucrative project to get involved with.

What is Web Hosting Reselling?

Web hosting in this instance can be thought of like an apartment that’s being sublet. You are renting the space from the actual owner, but then you can turn around and sublet the space to other users who actually need the web hosting services. The goal is to get your own set of customers who are paying you “rent,” so that you’re making a profit over and above what you pay the actual web hosting owner (see


How to Make Money Reselling Hosting Services

The key to making money when it comes to web hosting reselling is marketing, and finding the right client base. It’s important to see what other resellers are offering, and what they’re charging, and figuring out a way to get your own niche for a customer base.

For instance, you might offer small amounts of space and easy-to-use hosting tools as a way of engaging webmasters who are just getting started. This means that your low costs and simple tools will be greatly appealing when compared to the competition. This is the equivalent of offering low-rent housing to students or those who are just moving out of their parents’ homes; they don’t get much, but they don’t have to pay very much for it either.

On the other hand you might attempt to offer more space and faster hosting at a reasonable rate. This kind of approach would best be aimed at those with websites that have moderate needs, but who can’t afford big fees for the tools and space they need. The result is that you end up with websites who have been established, and who have outgrown the needs that just-starting web hosting services can provide.

Give Them What They Want 

Getting a good customer base when it comes to web hosting reselling is key. For that you need to know what your customers want, and you need to market the service you’re offering. Once you have a customer base though chances are that good service will grow that base to the point at which you’re filled to complete capacity.