Get Your Business Off the Ground: Office Solutions for Small Companies

Many companies make use of owned or leased office space. These may be shell spaces, and the company itself may be responsible for everything from supplying office desks and chairs to running computer networking wires through the walls. This is a feasible solution for some companies, but it may not be suitable for all businesses. If you run a smaller company or if you are starting a new business from the ground up, there are a few points to consider.

Your Budget

First, you should pause to think about your budget for office space. Both purchased and leased space can be costly, and it can be even more costly to outfit the office with everything you need. Everything from the style of the space to its location can play a role in the success of your business, so these are areas that you may not want to skimp on. After all, you want to create a professional, successful appearance through your office space. Nonetheless, you may be working with a tight budget, and you may need to invest in cost-effective business space solutions.


Your Need for Special Services

While you may need your office space outfitted with the right furnishings, equipment and other physical features, you may also need it to be staffed and fully serviced. Everything from paying for service from a receptionist to paying third party vendors for Internet access, telephone service, maintenance on the copier machine and other services all add to the expense of running an office. These expenses are added onto basic office-related expenses, such as electricity and water bills. Clearly, running an office can be expensive, and you may be looking for a feasible way to reduce overhead while still maintaining a professional office space for your business to function out of.

While you may consider skimping on some areas in order to keep your business’s overhead low, the fact is that there may be a more feasible solution for smaller businesses to consider. For example, a virtual office is one option to consider. With this type of serviced office solution, you actually can run your business out of your home, but you may benefit from having a professional business address, phone service and other services. You will be able to give clients the appearance that you run your company out of a professional office building, but you will be able to save money by running the company out of your home.

office space infographic