Try a Homestay in Johor for a Traditional Local Experience

Are you taking a vacation? Are you looking for a cozy, and an affordable place to stay in Johor? I can highly recommend that a homestay experience be included in your travel plans. You have the option of staying in comfort along with convenience. There are many extra bonus perks that come with your stay.

You may enjoy a stunning studio that will feel like you’ve got the comforts of your own home. You will be close to the community highlights such as shopping and the other attractions. You will be able to completely absorb the flavor of the entire community. You will be not too far away from the main town. You can enjoy a cup of tea and/or coffee all day long on the house. Privacy for all guests is a necessity. Bike are available for guests to use. There is computer and Wi-Fi access. This is made to be affordable so that travelers can stay within their budget. Every room is unique and clean and a fan is provided. The rooms are quite simple and very traditional in style. There is a taxi service available if walking or biking isn’t for you.


Zennith Suites Homestay in Johor Bahru
Zennith Suites Homestay in Johor Bahru



A vacation does not have to break your budget. If you would like a dinner night out, there are also many affordable restaurants locally. You may also enjoy the common area You can mingle with the other guests in the there, it is a patio in the front of the house which is ideal for mingling over tea or coffee . It is not too much to ask to bring your own toilet paper because this is one way that this is an economic, affordable option for the traveler who wont overspend on their travel budget. There are two words that describe this place, “simple and comfortable” Johor homestays are grand!


Adam Homestay Johor Bahru
Adam Homestay Johor Bahru

4 Steps to Get Into Cycling as a Beginner

Bicycling is a great way to get exercise, enjoy the outdoors and have some alone time to yourself that allows you to reflect on everything. While you may think that becoming a cyclist is as easy as hopping on a bike and going for a ride, there are many specifics that often accompany becoming a bicycle enthusiast.


What Type of Cycling?

There are many different types of cycling that people choose to participate in. From mountain biking to road biking and everything in between, there is something to suit the needs of every type of person. While many people are able to and enjoy cycling in many different atmospheres, it is easiest if you choose an atmosphere that you like at the beginning and work on mastering that before moving on.


Where Can I Buy a Bike?

There are many ways to buy a bike, but the most popular options right now are bicycle stores that do bicycle buy and sell online. These companies provide a wide range of bicycles that can fit anyone’s needs and any type of budget possible. You should also consider going to your local cycling shop to physically try out bicycles to make sure they are comfortable.




Who Do I Do it With?

Many bicyclers chose to bike around their area on their own, but this may be an intimidating option for someone who is just starting out. Consider finding someone who has a lot of bicycling experience and go with them on your first few rides. This will give you the confidence you need to cycle on your own without worrying about being alone.


How Do I Make it Safe?

Along with the bicycle, there is some other safety equipment that you should get. These products will make you safer and can actually make your ride more enjoyable by allowing you the peace of mind that you will be protected. Always wear a helmet when you are cycling, but consider knee pads and elbow pads until you get the hang of it. You will also need a quality pair of shoes that are made specifically for cycling.

If you want to become a cyclist, there are many benefits that you will be able to reap. Make sure you are prepared and you want to do this activity so that you can get the most out of it.


6 Affordable Places To Travel in 2014

Everyone dreams of packing a bag and leaving the office behind, but with travel expenses rising every year, it can seem like an impossible and unreachable fantasy. But what if it wasn’t? What if you could see the world with only a few paychecks under your belt? Here are six of the most affordable destinations abroad.


1: Thailand

If you’re looking for an island getaway that won’t break the bank, Thailand should be your first and final stop. Bungalows on the beach can be found for as little as $25 a night, and an entire day’s worth of food can be purchased from street vendors for $5-10.


Luxury W Retreat Koh Samui in Thailand
Luxury W Retreat Koh Samui in Thailand




2: Romania

Travel experts aren’t quite sure why Romania has recently become such a great budget destination, but the numbers don’t lie. If you enjoy art, history and culture, hurry up and book a flight to Bucharest or Brasov, where luxury resorts can be found for a fraction of the cost of other European cities.


Bucharest's old town
Bucharest’s old town






3: South Africa

With hotel rates down almost 10 percent from last year, South Africa is quietly becoming one of the most affordable tourist havens south of the equator. Discounting airfare, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and fine restaurants of this great nation for just $75 a day.


South Africa Victoria Falls
South Africa Victoria Falls






4: Bolivia

While Bolivia can be costly in terms of lodging and dining, the sightseeing more than makes up for it. The lakes, mountains and salt flats are all free to explore, and even if you decide to take official tours through cultural heritage sites and crumbling landmarks, you’ll only have to pay pennies on the dollar. The entrance fee of La Paz’s biggest museum is 50 cents!


La Paz, Bolivia
La Paz, Bolivia



Colonial Street at La Paz
Colonial Street at La Paz


National Art Museum Bolivia
National Art Museum Bolivia



5: The Philippines

Though still recovering from its recent typhoon, the Philippines are encouraging tourists to visit its major cities to help stimulate the local economy. To sweeten the deal, malls, theaters and restaurants have significantly slashed their prices, making these islands a great place to save in 2014.


Boracay Philippines
Boracay Philippines




6: Nepal

If you’re looking for something truly inexpensive, Nepal is one of the cheapest places to travel in the entire world. The average tourist spends only $5 a day roaming through its sun-baked villages and mountainous foothills, and that’s including food, accommodation and shopping.


Buddha statue in Kathmandu, Nepal
Buddha statue in Kathmandu, Nepal




These are just six places worth a visit if you’re a jet-setter without the jet. Be warned, however, that prices and economies can change by the season, so what’s affordable now may not be tomorrow. Stay vigilant! Visit China Sonangol for more interesting facts!

How to Make Your Own Shooting Target Boards

If you love to practice shooting, perhaps you wish that you had a board to use from the comfort of your own home. Creating your own shooting target board is easy and can help you save on costs. Here is a quick guide to help you create your very own shooting target board.


1. Choose the materials you want to use.

You can create a shooting target board out of any material. If you only need a makeshift target board, then you can use heavy cardboard, wood and a target printout. If you plan on having the target board for many years to come, then you may wish to invest in heavy-duty wood and spray it with coating. You can also create target board with materials around your home. All you need is a board, precut carpet, chain, hooks, clothespins, clothesline and screws.


DIY Shoot-N-See Targets





2. Place the hinges on the wood.

The next step is to place the hinges on the wood and screw the carpet to the wood. If you use an airsoft gun, the carpet will allow the darts to bounce from the target.


Printable Zombie Shooting Target
Printable Zombie Shooting Target



3. Hang the board with a clothesline.

If you plan on placing the target board in an office, then you may want to use zip-ties and a clothesline to hang the board.


Justin Bieber Printable Shooting Target
Justin Bieber Printable Shooting Target



4. Create a stand.

You can also place the target board in your backyard. You may want to use an adjustable stand so that you can change the height of the board. Pipes can be used to support the stand.


Artistic Shooting Target
Artistic Shooting Target




5. Print PDF shooting targets.

Your last step is to print PDF shooting targets that you can fasten onto the board. The PDF shooting targets can be printed at no cost to you. Numerous websites make printouts available for free. Some websites allow you to adjust the page size and target cells of the shooting target.


Love Cupid Printable Shooting Target
Love Cupid Printable Shooting Target


Jack Rabbit Printable Shooting Target
Jack Rabbit Printable Shooting Target





6. Check out target boards available from online manufacturers.

If you are unsuccessful in creating your own target board, you may want to get shooting boards direct from manufacturers. You may be able to save on costs if you purchase shooting boards in bulk.

With your own shooting board, you can master the art of hunting or enjoy shooting as a hobby. Some people enjoy using nerfguns to blow some steam and release their stress. Others enjoy using a shooting board to practice archery. Just remember to be careful and use caution when using your shooting target board.


How To Save Money Shopping for Groceries Online

When you want to buy groceries from the comfort of your own home, you can do so by heading online. Now, people in cities all over the world can hop on their computers and buy all the foods they want. There is plenty of competition so a consumer should know how to get the best prices and save money while buying food on the Internet. With this in mind, here is a short guide on how to save money when shopping for groceries online.

Always get free delivery: If you buy something on the Internet, you will usually have to pay shipping. Sadly, with low-margin items like food, this can make a huge difference. Luckily, most chains and smaller companies alike offer free shipping coupon codes. Other times, as a way to entice people to use the service, the firm will offer free delivery. When you do not have to leave the house, you will save money by simply not having to drive to and from the store. For this reason, you must try to get free or reduced delivery fees as this will go a long way in making your purchase a viable one that saves you money.





Multiple stores: Now, when you shop for groceries online, it is easy to fall in love with one brand or store. This is unwise as you should take advantage of the free market. When doing so and shopping around, you are unlikely to overpay as some brands and companies will give better deals on products. At the same time, to quality for free or reduced shipping, you may have to spend a certain amount of money, so it is wise to do your research (have a look at RedMart groceries online big saver). 


Online Shopping meme


Smartphone apps: Without a doubt, when you shop for groceries online, you should use your smartphone. With this, you can download and use applications which will help you find the best deals on your food and toiletries. This is certainly a benefit if you live in a crowded and busy area with plenty of stores. Remember, with smartphones, you can now track the lowest prices.


Price Grabber App
Price Grabber App


Best Buy App
Best Buy App



Milo App
Milo App



Old school: While it is wise to use smartphones, you should also not forget about newspaper inserts. When buying the Sunday paper or checking your mailbox, you can often find great deals on your groceries. Since local stores and chains alike will provide their sales flyer, this is an easy way to save some cash on your weekly purchases.

Don’t forget the little guy: As mentioned, small companies are also providing delivery services. This is a great way to support the little guy and still enjoy great services. In fact, some of the smaller firms know the area better, so it pays to check this out. Simply put, when looking at all your options, you should consider using a local grocer who knows the area well.

Buy in bulk: If you see great deals on some pre-packaged goods, you should not fear spending some cash. By doing so, you can land a lot of your favorite cereals or other items you can store away in a pantry for a few months or more. You should think about this as it is expensive and time-consuming to buy things every week. On the other hand, when taking advantage of free shipping and online deals, you can get some items in bulk and save some cash.

If you want to shop for groceries online, you should do your research and shop around as much as possible. When doing so, you can get the best deals and enjoy a high level of service from the grocer.



How to Repair Chipped Wood Furniture

One broken corner or a missing piece of wood can ruin the beautiful look of wood furniture. A simple technique can restore furniture to its original condition. With some basic supplies, such as polyester resin and sandpaper, damaged wood furniture can look like new again in about an hour.


Step One: Replacing the Missing Wood

Replacing the missing wood is begun with the use of polyester resin, or wood filler, which can be easily molded to the shape of the missing wood. This material is similar to wood putty and hardens when dry.

Before the wood filler is applied, the furniture should be placed in a convenient position with drop cloths used to catch any spills. If the repair is to be done on an outside corner, a piece of thin board or wood cut to the shape of the corner or missing wood chip can be used as an outline. A line drawn on the wood is helpful in marking the exact place where the resin is to be filled in. Applying a light layer of WD-40 helps to keep the putty from sticking to it. The wood can then be clamped to the furniture.

The polyester resin wood filler comes with a hardener which should be mixed in before use. The hardener transforms the putty into a rock-hardening material. The more hardener that is used, the quicker the putty will set up.

Woodworking Tip: Finishing – How to Repair Wood Cracks


At this point, the polyester resin can be applied with a putty knife onto the damaged area where the wood was chipped off the furniture. It is important to get the material in place before it hardens. It doesn’t have to look neat at this point, as it will be shaped when it hardens. The material should be about the same thickness as the chipped piece of wood.

The next step involves shaping the resin before it becomes too hard to cut. While the resin is still tacky and pliable, the excess should be removed with a utility knife. The knife should be cut in a straight angle along the piece of wood that supported the resin, following the markings that were made to designate the shape of the corner or chipped area. A cut slightly larger than the damaged area is best, as it can be shaved down to size later. The clamps and piece of wood can be removed once the putty is firm enough.


Step Two: Shaping and Smoothing

The resin can be filed down, using a sharp microplane or files and rasps in back and forth motions until it is shaped, paying close attention to edges. Next, the surface should be smoothed with sandpaper. For curves, sanding paper wrapped around various size dowels can be used for the best outcome.


Restoring the Color and Finish

Since resin material does not accept stain, artist acrylic paint can be used. Various shades of acrylic paint similar to the furniture’s color can be mixed together with water in order to achieve a similar shade and applied with light, even strokes. If the color doesn’t match, more coats can be applied, using various shades. The last step is to apply several light coats of lacquer gloss spray for a beautiful finish.

For more tips like this, you should seek advice from Ethnicraft’s wood furniture experts.




Decorating Ideas for Old Wooden Chairs

Old wooden chairs get to the point where they earn respect because of the length of time they have held up and been in use. Vintage chairs develop a character as they experience normal wear and tear. It makes sense to keep a wooden chair that has been passed down through the family, or is a good sturdy seat, but if a chair gets to the point that it appears tired or downright ugly, it may need a facelift. To repurpose a chair or give it a new look is a great way to make the old and worn, beautiful and decorative again.





Find a New Purpose for an Old Wooden Chair

Wonderful and affordable wooden chairs with potential are found in secondhand shops and yard sales, and there are all sorts of ways to give them new functionality. A chair that’s finish is worn, or perhaps the structure is weak, or the seat is split can serve well as a potted plant table or an end table that holds treasured books, stuffed animals, or a vase of cut flowers. Many charming things look perfectly at home sitting on an old wooden chair, and this décor helps create a shabby chic style in a room.

The great outdoors is another perfect place for old worn chairs. Use them on a front porch or in the garden for character and a pretty spot to sit a spell, or use several around a patio table because even mismatched chairs can be well suited to each other. The more weathering an old wooden chair receives, the more character it develops, but chairs can also be water sealed to keep them from further deterioration.


repurposed chair swing












SEE ALSO: How to Protect Wooden Chair Legs From Scratching The Floor


Find a New Guise for an Old Wooden Chair

Painting wooden chairs is one way to give them a big decorative makeover. Hand painting with a brush or sponge applicator provides a more thorough coverage and may take fewer coats than a spray-painted chair, but both methods are easy to achieve and should be applied in thin coats.

To prepare an already painted wooden chair to receive a new finish:
✿ Use medium to fine grades of sandpaper to smooth the rough spots.
✿ If paint is peeling, it may require scrubbing with a wire brush and then fine sand paper to best prepare the surface.
✿ If the paint is thick, getting down to bare wood may require paint removing products made specifically for use on wood.
✿ Next, wipe the chair down with a tack cloth to remove any residue.
✿ Once the wood is bare, or at least smooth, a primer coat is next before painting the chair.

There are many more ideas here with regard to decorative painting techniques that can contribute to the repurposing of an old wooden chair. Some great methods exist that create a look that is quite easy to achieve like splatter painting or using multiple bright colors to enhance a chair that will be used in a family room or out on the front porch.

Roomba 780: Best Robot Cleaner For All Floor Types

The Roomba 780 is one of the latest models from the top-notch 700 series from iRobot, one of the biggest household names for robotic vacuum cleaners. In comparison to earlier models, the 780 is outfitted with tremendous new bonus features that fix all the bugs, glitches, and problems of the past. One of the top features of the 780 is its ability to perfectly clean all flooring types that you may have in your home or apartment. From hardwood and laminate to carpet and tiling, the 780 has no problem effectively cleaning and transitioning from one type to the other. Check out some of the other awesome features that come with the new and improved Roomba 780.


iRobot Romba 780 has a cliff sensor that means it won't throw itself down steep drops
iRobot Romba 780 has a cliff sensor that means it won’t throw itself down steep drops



Effective Three-Step Cleaning System

When it comes to a high-quality cleaning that leaves all floor types spotless, the 780 surely takes the crown with its patented three-step cleaning processes. In the first stage, the spinning brush along the side of the cleaner collects all dirt and dust from the corners and baseboards of the rooms. Then, step two involves the counter spinner brush gathers up the debris being swept in. Finally, the cleaner sucks up all dust, hair, dander, and dirt with its amazingly powerful suction power. Even more importantly, all of the debris becomes trapped in a specialized HEPA filter to protect all residents with allergies.





Simple and Convenient Programming

For such an advanced, high-tech robotic cleaner, iRobot’s 780 is shockingly simple to use to schedule routine cleanings to fit your hectic daily life. On the large touch screen on the top of the unit, owners can conveniently schedule a specific cleaning time by adjusting the day, hour, and even minute that the 780 will begin its cycle. If an immediate clean is needed for an unexpected mess or accident, pressing the large green button in the middle will start cleaning instantly. You can even use the handy remote control to turn the unit on, from anywhere within your home.





Efficient Room Mapping Skills

Although owners of other iRobot cleaners have complained about their Roomba missing spots in its cleaning pattern, this is surely not a problem with the improved 780. Once the unit enters a room, it has the ability to map out the entire room and make up to 60 decisions a second to choose an appropriate pattern. Whenever the 780 approaches a piece of furniture, it utilizes a soft rubber bumper to gently bounce off and recalculate its next route. With the two lighthouse virtual walls, the 780 can travel throughout your house from room to room without getting lost as well.


Hands-on with the iRobot Roomba 780

The Roomba 780 is highly regarded as the best robotic vacuum for a thorough and worry-free cleaning on all floor types. Although the robotic vacuum is on the pricey side, it is definitely worth the investment for homeowners who hate to spend time on the hassle of vacuuming. With its amazing convenience, the 780 will always ensure that you will be coming home to a clean space free of dirt, dust, allergens, and other common household toxins. For more information on similar robotic vacuums available, see more robotic vacuum brands HERE.

Health Tip: Should Diabetics Drink Isotonic Sports Drinks?

Diabetics face challenges when finding drinks or foods they can consume after a difficult workout. Isotonic drinks, more commonly known as sports drinks, contain water, sugar, and electrolytes that help the body recover after it loses fluid during a workout. Although some workout drinks position themselves as alternatives to sodas and juices, many are just as high in sugar and are inappropriate for diabetics to drink.

In general, sports drinks should only be consumed by diabetics who exercise regularly or for long periods of time. Isotonic drinks may negatively affect a diabetic person’s blood sugar if they’re consumed in place of mineral water or other low-calorie drinks after a workout by someone who doesn’t exercise regularly because of their high sugar content. Regular exercise may facilitate the need for faster or more adequate fluid replacement that can only be found in isotonic drinks.



When choosing a sports drink after a workout, it is important for diabetics to find ones that are strictly isotonic. Isotonic drinks contain a balanced amount of carbohydrates, potassium, and sodium that help optimize the body’s recovery time. As you exercise, the body uses stored carbohydrates for energy. By keeping these energy reserves full both during and after a workout, the body can recover more quickly. For diabetics who regularly take insulin, isotonic drinks and high carbohydrate diets can help prevent problems with low blood sugar.


Isotonic drinks differ from other carbohydrate rich drinks in that they do not slow the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars into the blood stream. Energy drinks and soft drinks containing high levels of carbohydrates can lead to stomach cramps and a slower absorption of the electrolytes into the blood stream.

Compared to mineral water, isotonic drinks help rehydrate the body faster. If fluids aren’t replaced in the body during a workout, performance can suffer and the body will shut down. During short periods of exercise, mineral water is a better choice than isotonic drinks because it is simply acting as a fluid replacement. When serious physical exertion is achieved, isotonic drinks help rehydrate the body with both water and electrolytes.



Before you change your diet or exercise routines, you should first consult your doctor. They will be able to advise you on which types of drinks are appropriate for your diabetic condition and which ones may be better suited for long term exercise. Isotonic drink consumption outside of the context of exercise may negatively affect your blood sugars and could lead to more serious health problems.

Juicing and Juices for Nutrition: Is It Better To Drink Fruit Juices or Eat The Fruit?

Types of Home Roofing for Every Use

Having a new roof put on the house is expensive but if it’s going to last years it’s going to be worth it. If a person wanted to have skylight roofing, they would be making the right choice as that is going to add light to the home. If it’s a bright day outside, it’s going to show in the house too. Skylight roofing is also beneficial as it will save a person some money on needing to put a light on in the home. It is going to heat and cool the home too so it’s going to be saving on the heating bill. Anywhere a person can save some money is always a good thing.

Skylight roofing is becoming popular on roofs because of its natural light and they say that heat promotes concentration and will raise a person’s spirits.

With someone wanting to put up an awning on their home will only dress the home up and make it look so much better. Having an awning installed on the roof can be great if the home has no trees around it and you might want some shade so to installing an awning will give the home a few shaded areas by the house. The ones that retract are the best. It would be easy to leave it out to catch the shade but the idea of having it retract will give out the shade only when needed.

Some homes have canopies made of nothing but laminated glass added to their homes with a very strong metal framing. If tinted glass is chosen for specific rooms in the home it can give the room a relaxing soft color to it. The laminated glass has a heavy thickness to it so it will keep in the heat and keep the room cool in the summer. The glass can be cut to fit just about any different kind of roofing that the homeowner would like. What else is great about this SuperCool laminated glass is that it is very safe to install anywhere as it’s cut to fit any size needed. It will go great with any type of wood and it goes great with steel as well. It does protect from harmful UV rays and is sound proof. It’s going to offer lots of shade and it can reduce heat. If this is what the homeowner would like on his roof no doubt he will enjoy it.


Finding the right person to put a new roof on a home or office is very important. There are many sorts of materials that a person can pick from that will change the look of the home instantly. It would be as if the house was getting a new makeover. It can be costly but it will save money in the long run because the need to buy or repair a roof will not be needed if don’t right the first time. A reliable roofing contractor will save a person from headaches and having to spend more and more money on roofing expenses. Ask around to find the right roofer that can help with repairing or installing a brand new roof for the home.

Smart Home Improvement Tips: Windows that Brighten the Dark Areas of Your Home