For Azeroth! What You Need To Know About The Warcraft Movie

Ever since Blizzard Entertainment’s RTS game “Warcraft: Orcs & Humans” debuted on November 23rd, 1994, followed by two expansions and the wildly successful MMORPG “World of Warcraft,” millions of gamers worldwide have been swept up by the epic clash of civilizations between the Alliance and Horde as they fight for domination of the planet Azeroth. Now Blizzard has teamed up with Legendary Pictures to bring the heroes and villains of Azeroth to life in the movie “Warcraft,” due in 2016.


WoW game designer Chris Metzen has said that Blizzard wanted to do a Warcraft movie for a long time, but the right script and the right director never came along until recently. It was important to have a script that not only captured the sweeping conflict between Alliance and Horde, but was accessible to the casual moviegoer and made them care about characters WoW players already know and love — or love to hate. Finding the right director was crucial. It was not enough to hire a director who knew how to blow things up and film massive battles. It wasn’t even enough to get a director who loved fantasy; they wanted a director who knew and loved the source material, who understood the conflict not only between the Alliance and Horde but between the individuals within those factions. The director had to be a fan, and after their first meeting with Duncan Jones, currently best known for his brilliant 2009 film “Moon,” Blizzard knew Azeroth would be in good hands.


Jones — the son of musician David Bowie, who has dipped his toe into the waters of fantasy a time or three himself — is a long time WoW gamer with a true affection for the story and characters. His overall vision was to embrace the fantasy while grounding it in gritty realism. Everything, from the soaring magical spires of Dalaran to the rivulets of blood and sweat trickling down a warrior’s dirtied face, had to feel real. Most of all, the actors had to bring multi-dimensional characters to life. Jones understood what other directors might not: a vast part of WoW’s appeal is that it turns old fantasy tropes on their head. The orcs of the Horde are not Tolkien’s inherently malevolent monsters. They are shamanistic clans struggling to survive on a dying world. Some are noble and honorable, others are savage and cruel, but in the end they all seek the survival of their people, and the conflict within the Horde is whether that survival comes by conquering the natives of Azeroth, or learning to live with them.


“Warcraft” the movie is an origin story, hearkening back to the first meeting of orcs and humans and laying the foundation for sequels. Jones has an exceptional cast at his disposal, featuring Travis Fimmel as Anduin Lothar and Toby Kebbel as Durotan. In 2015 the movie trailer, featured here at v RhFMIRuHAL4, debuted at BlizzCon to roaring fan approval. Only time will tell if the “Warcraft” movie can enthrall non-gamers and casual moviegoers, but for fans of WoW, June 10, 2016 cannot come fast enough.

See you in Azeroth!

Basic Online Shopping Tips that Every Person Should Know

With the advent of technology, most businesses have embraced the online arena to enhance their sales and to reach wider markets. This has been made possible by the presence of the internet and useful tools that enable the creation of websites where one can place goods for sale. Although this seems a great idea, shopping online can sometimes be risky. People have lost huge amounts of money through fraud that surrounds payment methods that are available online today. However, this is not to mean that the online arena is not reliable at all. All one needs is to follow the right steps while shopping and they will be safe. Here are basic guidelines that every person should learn so as to have a great experience shopping from the online arena.



Keep your browser updated 

Whether you are using Mozilla, safari or chrome browser, you need to ensure that it is up-to-date so as to benefit from the latest security updates. Using an outdated version makes you vulnerable to things like loss of important information to fraudulent dealers. An updated browser will allow the user to access only verified sites that are safe. Shopping online with an outdated browser could lead to loss of huge amounts of money, so ensure that it is always reading the current version to avoid making unnecessary losses.




Install malware protection

There are various software that one can install to offer protection against any malware attacks. Having such software ensures that no corrupt links can be sent to you while using your computer.

Malware Protection

This allows you to only access sites that are trusted. Also, data from suspicious sites cannot be downloaded to your machine. No internet attacks can go through while shopping from online groceries if this type of software is installed in the computer. This means personal payment details cannot land in the wrong hands and as such, shopping online becomes safe and fun.


Use trusted dealers 

The fact that there are many different websites that offer online shopping makes it difficult to know who is genuine. Well, this should not be the case if you can concentrate on one trusted online store. Simply check through reviews and choose the highest rated online store for the items you need. Utilizing sites like assures you safety because of the reputation such companies hold.


Working with unknown companies could lead to massive losses. Most fraudulent websites are designed to resemble popular shops, so when one fails to confirm whether they are authentic it becomes easy to fall in their trap.


Never give out your payment details

Even if you trust someone, sending them your payment details could be the beginning of making losses through fraud. Keep all your billing details secret as they are meant to be maintained as such. Exposing payment details on any platform attracts hackers, who may transfer money from your account to theirs.

Shopping online is one of the easiest ways to get what you need at the comfort of your home. However, one needs to treat with a lot of care so as to stay safe while shopping. Guidelines as outlined above are useful when one is shopping from online stores.

4 Steps For Selling Your Used Car Effectively

Taking your car to the One Shift in Singapore is only the first in selling it. You must follow the suggestions in this article to gain the attention of buyers who will seriously consider buying your car. The five steps in this article explain how you get the car on the lot, market it, describe it and sell it to a customer.


vehicle reports
Prepare the complete vehicle historical report to increases the value of the car greatly when selling.


1: A Complete History

You must write up a complete history of your car along with the service history for the vehicle. The service history increases the value of the car greatly, and you must use a car history service to prove that the car has not been in any accidents. You may use the service history to verify repairs after accidents, and you must share all the receipts for the services with a new buyer. Buyers who take cars seriously will avoid cars that do not have a full history attached.





2: Take Good Pictures

Your car needs to have a good photo library on the website for the car mart in Singapore. Many customers check the online listing before they visit the lot, and you must make the car look great in pictures. Take a picture of the car from multiple angles, take pictures of the inside of the vehicle and show a picture of the engine or trunk. Give readers a complete view of the car that is not obstructed. Obstructions in your pictures make it look like you are hiding something about the car.


value car
Value your vehicle keep it in good condition for better selling.


3: Value The Car Properly

You must look up the value for the car through a service that provides such valuations. Car buyers can look up car values online without any trouble, and they will question you if you are too far off from the value they find. You must lower the price of the car if the condition is not perfect, and you may charge a premium for the car if it is rare or in very good condition.

Many shoppers want to have assurances that they can chat with you about the price before they choose to buy. You may want to list the price of the car with “OBO” following the number. Buyers will know that you may take their best offer as OBO stands for “or best offer.”


test drive
Describe how the car drives as they sit behind the wheel while test driving.


4: Allow Test Drives

Every smart buyer will want to drive the car before they buy it. You must go with them during the test drive, and you should describe how the car drives as they sit behind the wheel. Answer their questions honestly during the test drive, but show them what makes the car unique as they re driving along.

The best method of selling a used car involves all four steps above. You must use each of the four steps listed to give customers the best shopping experience possible. You increase your chances of selling the car because the information have provided is accurate and forthright.

2 Health Reminders for Serious BMX Bikers and other Extreme Athletes

Health is an extremely important part of any athlete’s training and daily routine. This does not exclude extreme sports. In fact, it seems that extreme athletes should be taking even more care of their bodies considering the risk there is for injury. It is easy to get wrapped up in taking care of your bike and planning your next daring feat. An excitement builds in you about what lies ahead and before you know it, you’ve forgotten to care for yourself. Without the proper dedication to maintaining your athletic fitness, your abilities will slowly, and maybe even without you noticing at first, begin to fade. So here are a couple of helpful hints that will help to keep your body a priority when engaging in extreme sports.



#1: Consistently and deliberately train.

Whether you are just beginning your BMX biking career or have been involved in the sport for years, it is important that you tune and condition your body for what it is going to be doing. Set specific goals and then form a workout that achieves specific results. For instance, if you are working towards something that requires a great deal of flexibility, incorporate yoga or Pilates into your workout schedule. If more strength is what you need, then concentrate on and isolate the area or areas that need strengthened.


Also remember that cardio and core workouts are an absolute must for any serious athlete so be sure and work those in, as well. Working out should most certainly be a priority for any athlete. Maintaining a consistent exercise routine will allow you to see progress and become more familiar with what your own body is trying to communicate to you. If during your morning work out you feel a tension somewhere that is unsettling, taking it easy or even seeing a medical professional may be in order.


#2: Eat for what you will be doing.

If you are going to be on a course or track practicing for an event, or even just for fun, it should come as no surprise to you that you will need long lasting energy in order to keep your energy consistent. Without the proper amount of energy, move execution becomes sloppy. If you feel your body start to exhaust, take a break to hydrate and refuel. Keep food that is high in natural, unprocessed carbohydrates close by so that you can eat something that won’t leave you tired a half hour after digesting it. If your workouts require more strength training than usual, up the amount of protein you are consuming so that your muscles have what they need to achieve the results you are looking for. Water is also crucial to keeping your body in good condition.

b49ce5555724f8da0b9b7cb38b67b9ad (1)

I know that the words “diet and exercise” get thrown around a lot these days, but for extreme athletes it is no joke. The better you treat your body, injuries will become less likely and will heal much quicker when they do occur. With a strong, properly energized body and the right amount of dedication and focus, the sky is the limit. If you would like any more information on BMX biking and BMX biking products, please go to

5 Things You Must Do while Shopping Online

Everyone shops online nowadays, and it is getting easier every day. But there are still some helpful tips to keep in mind that can get you the best deals available. Here are a few ideas to help shoppers snag a bargain.


Start early.

Whatever time zone you live in, shop first thing in the morning, if possible. You will beat out the other shoppers in your region, and you can also have first shot at the current offerings by your favorite online merchants that are recently posted on their websites. Early shopping also gives you a mental edge by being alert and fresh when you first wake up. Night-time shoppers may be tired and less focused on getting the best deals.


Check out the coupon sites for ton of discount coupons while shopping online.


Check out the coupon sites.

Browsing websites for discount coupons and special sales events should be the first stop on your virtual shopping trip. For example, get a Tesco promotion lead that will save you money when shopping a myriad of the largest stores and most popular brands in Southeast Asia. Double-check your coupons for dates of validity and any bonus offers, such as double coupon discounts or any restriction, to ensure you get the full value of potential savings.


Bookmark the website you might come back in the future for purchase purpose.


Bookmark it.

If you have favorite stores to shop or come across one that you absolutely love, bookmark it for future reference. Even if the store is running a one-day only sale, there may be other sales events in the future that you won’t want to miss out on. Update your bookmarked shopping websites periodically, as some may change URL’s or link with another merchandiser and change its name. Check your bookmarks routinely for announcements of upcoming sales events or discounts.


Read reviews or rating of the product that you want to purchase.


Read reviews.

Before falling in love with a new store or brand, read several reviews to learn more. Marketing strategies are designed to attract interest and make an item look irresistible, and it can be tempting to make an immediate purchase. But it is usually better to take time and read posted reviews to see how previous customers feel about the product. You can save yourself money and time, as well as stress, by learning from other shoppers’ experience.


     Compare both website for the final price before proceed to payment.


Comparison shop.

Try not to rush through your online shopping excursion. When you find something you like, look for similar brands to compare features and costs, including shipping fees. You may want to ask the merchant about a discount even if one is not indicated in the product description by mentioning you have found a similar product at the same price elsewhere. Include the link in your email, and the merchant may reduce the price to get the sale.

Online shopping can be great fun. The excitement is enhanced when hunting for deals to get the best product at the lowest price. By following steps like these, you can get a better bargain at the best possible cost.

How to Set The Best Price for Your Second Hand Car

The decision to put your car up for sale means that you are going to have to find a buyer, but you also must decide how much to price the car at. While you do want to obtain the most money possible, you also need to set a price that is going to attract buyers.

Know Your Buying Location

Where and how you choose to sell your car are going to have an effect on the price that you can set for it. When people buy second hand cars for sale, they generally expect that the cost through a private seller is going to be lower than at the dealership. At the very least, the price is usually more negotiable. However, on the other end, if you are selling your car to the dealership, you are probably going to get less money for it than if you sell it on your own.


Do research online to find the rate or chances of the target audience.


Consider Your Target Audience

You also must evaluate who the people are who might purchase your vehicle. For example, let’s say that you have a car that you would be great for someone who needs to commute to the railroad station, but does not need the vehicle for any other purposes. The price that you set is going to be much different from that you would set if your target audience members are people interested in luxury vehicles. You may want to conduct some research online to see what the going rate is among your target audience members.


              Compare the price of yours and seller near around you.


Check out the Comparisons

If you don’t look at the prices that similar makes and models are selling for in the area, then you are going to have trouble setting a price for the vehicle. You can check out comparisons online. That is probably the easiest way for you to gain information. As you are driving through town, you may also see similar vehicles up for sale, and you should take note of how much they are going for. Of course, you are going to have to consider the factors that make your car unique or different from the other ones on the market.


Picture of a Rusty Old Car
Set your car’s price depend on your car’s condition, you wouldn’t sell a car like this right!


Take into Account Your Car’s Condition

Even if the prices that you see in the community are high, that doesn’t mean you can necessarily set that price for your vehicle. You have to take into account how much wear and tear your vehicle has on it and if it is in need of any repairs. If your car needs major repairs, you may wish to consider having them done before you put the car up for sale to increase the amount of interest that people have in it. Many people do not want to purchase seriously damaged cars or vehicles that are going to cost them more money in the long run.


     Negotiate until both parties agree with the final agreement.


Consider the Negotiation Process

During most car-buying transactions, negotiations do occur. You do not need to be willing to give your car away for virtually nothing, but you should recognize that some period of negotiations is likely to occur. As a result, you do not want to set your car for the absolutely lowest price possible. If you do, then potential buyers are going to negotiate even lower than that price. You should start with a price that is reasonable to potential buyers but that is also fair to you and gets you money for your vehicle.

Figuring out how much to put your car up to sale for can be challenging. However, when you follow some simple guidelines, you can set a price that helps you to benefit from the sale of your car.

Great Tips That Will Make Keeping Your House Clean Much Easier

Cleaning is something that everyone has to do on a regular basis. Cleaning can be difficult especially if you have a large home. You want your cleaning tasks to be as simple and effortless as possible. You should know some great tips that will make keeping your home clean much easier.

To remove pet hair from upholstery, dampen a rubber glove and run your gloved hand over it.
Pet hair will stick to rubber glove!


Use Rubber Gloves to Remove Pet Hair

It can take hours to remove pet hair from upholstery and other fabric surfaces. A way to do this quickly is to put on some rubber gloves like those used when doing dishes. Wipe your hand across the surface. The pet hair will stick to the glove. Just a few passes will clean the upholstery in seconds.

Clean One Room at a Time

Try not to leave all of your cleaning for one day of the week. This can be stressful. Plan to clean one room at a time on different days during the week instead. Clean smaller rooms on busy days. Save the rooms like bathrooms and the kitchen for the weekend when you have more time. This will keep your house looking clean throughout the week.

Lint Rollers help you save lot of time!


Use Lint Rollers on Lampshades

You could spend a long time trying to clean and dust lampshades. Vacuum cleaners do not always work. An alternative is to get a lint roller. You can quickly pick up all the dust that has settled on a lampshade with a lint roller. The roller will leave the shade clean without damaging the material or leaving stains behind.

Pick Up As You Go

Do not let messes accumulate in your home during the week. If you see something that needs to be put away or thrown in the trash, then do it immediately as you are walking through the room. Do not ignore small issues since this will make your cleaning tasks harder when you get to them later.

It help you to save time!


Use a Cleaning Robot in Your Home

Take advantage of modern technology. Use a cleaning robot in your home like the Neato Robotic VX-21. The robots are small vacuums that operate automatically. The robot can be run one or more times a day. It will pick up dirt and dust on your floors so that they stay looking clean.

Choose Ergonomic Brooms, Sponges and Brushes

Something that can make cleaning very difficult is using uncomfortable or awkward supplies. Choose ergonomic brooms, sponges and brushes that feel comfortable in your hands. Make certain your broom is tall enough to be held without crouching over. Ergonomic tools will make cleaning simple and easy.

Don keep it all !!!


Throw Away Things You Never Seem To Use

Look at the things in your home while you are cleaning. If you notice something that you will never use again, then throw it away immediately. Throw away anything that you seem to always be working around like an old box or a dead plant. Throwing away things you never seem to use will reduce dust and the time it takes to clean your home.

Maintain a Cleaning Schedule

A final tip is to create and stick to a cleaning schedule. If you do not do this, then you could easily forget to clean or could push it off for weeks. Figure out when you are going to clean each room during the week. Set aside a realistic amount of time to finish. Schedule you appointments around the cleaning times. Cleaning is easier when you have a set schedule.

Cleaning is always an ongoing process. You are never really done since dust, trash and dirty dishes will keep appearing during the week. Take time to plan your cleaning strategy. Break up cleaning tasks into small and manageable sections. Just a little planning and the right tools can make keeping your house clean very easy.

Room Cleaning Tutorial!

Quick and Easy Tips For Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are different than other flooring. They are susceptible to damage – water damage causing buckling and warped boards. And scratches and chips from shoes or dropping hard objects to name a few. Proper care and maintenance can help keep your hardwoods looking luxurious and new, starting with how you clean them.

Unlike tile and linoleum, a bucket of water and floor-cleaning-chemicals are not recommended for hardwoods. Water and wood don’t mix and overtime can cause serious damage. Many chemicals are also unsafe to use on your hardwoods.

If you want to know the best ways to keep your hardwoods clean while preserving their beauty, try some of these tips for proper hardwood care:

• Sweep – Sweeping with a soft bristled broom removes dirt, pet hair and crumbs without damaging or scratching the wood. Sweeping in between thorough cleanings helps preserve your floors.

• Wipe up spills – Keeping on top of spills helps to prevent damage to your floors and keep them looking nice. A dry towel to soak up the spill first, followed by a moist towel to get the sticky residue but be sure to dry the area after.

• Vacuum – Vacuuming is recommended on your hardwoods so long as the wheels and cleaning device don’t have sharp areas that can scratch or damage the wood. One vacuum that shows great results for hardwoods is the Roomba 650.


Roomba 650:

The Roomba is unique in that it is a robotic vacuum that can be set to clean when you need it to. If you want it to clean 7 days a week, you can program it to. Or, push a button and have it clean on demand. After each cleaning the Roomba 650 will retract to its home base and recharge. The latest in technology for vacuums, it is safe, easy and gentle on your hardwood floors.


Cleaning agents to avoid using on your hardwoods:

• Water – water can warp your wood floors.
• Silicone, undiluted vinegar or ammonia – all damage your floor’s finish.
• Oil soaps or products with wax – Will leave a residue on your wood.
• Citrus, lemon or tung oil products – These products can eat away the finish on your floors.

Tips for Making Online Transportation Bookings in Malaysia

Malaysia offers visitors a wide variety of attractions, from natural beauty to bustling cities. There is a lot to see in this very diverse country, so you should plan as long a stay as you can manage. One issue that you have to consider is transportation. This refers not only to getting to and from Malaysia, but traveling within the country. Many travelers do not consider this ahead of time and run into delays and obstacles that could have been avoided if they had planned better.

There are several ways to get around in this country, and many visitors end up using multiple types of transport. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each type of transportation.

  • Car and Motorcycle Rentals – This is always an option if you want to travel according to your own schedule. You will, however, have to abide by the local rules of the road. These are similar to Britain and Australia, which means you drive on the left side of the road. Unless you plan to do a lot of driving, however, it may prove to be an unnecessary expense to rent your own vehicle.
  • Boats and Ferries  – Some locations can only be accessed by boat. If you want to visit some of the islands around Malaysia or travel down some of the rivers, you should make sure the boat you choose is safe. Some boats tend to be overcrowded, which can make them dangerous.



  • Train – Railroad is another option for travel in Malaysia. If you plan to do much travel by train, you could get a rail pass. These are only available to foreigners.
  • Taxis and Rickshaws – Taxis and bicycle rickshaws are available in most areas. With taxis, you have to be careful about getting charged an honest rate, as few taxis have working meters. Rickshaws are convenient for traveling through narrow streets.

However you plan to travel in Malaysia, it’s best to plan ahead. When it comes to renting a vehicle or taking a long bus or train ride, booking in advance is always safer than making last minute arrangements. If you do your research and find out where you intend to travel within Malaysia, you can plan the most efficient itineraries.


How to Choose the Best Cycling Shoes for You

Buying shoes for cycling is not the easiest thing to do, especially if it is your first pair. It’s important to remember that choosing the right bike shoes is nothing like choosing regular street shoes. The criteria for deciding what type of shoes you need are completely different.

Let’s take a look at the things you need to take into consideration when looking to buy a pair of shoes for cycling that are going to fit your needs perfectly.




What type of shoe do you need?

Cycling is a very broad term. There are many kinds of cycling related activities. Are you just riding a city bike around the town to work and back? Are you taking a spinning class? Are you mountain biking or racing on the streets? Different shoes apply for each of these different activities.

If you are a casual bike rider who is pedaling no more than five miles a day to work and back, you really don’t have to worry about buying a cycling-specific shoe. Any shoe will do, pretty much. An outdoor cross-trainer shoe would do, as would a lightweight hiking shoe. There are also casual cycling shoes that look like regular shoes, but do offer options for using a pedal clip system. Otherwise, look to buy a shoe that is specific to the type of cycling you are going to be doing. If you are serious about mountain cycling, a regular tennis shoe just isn’t going to cut it.


Learn how to position the cleatsGet the size right

Getting the size right for cycling shoes is important. It’s just as important to understand that the right size cycling shoe and the right size regular shoe are two completely different things. One of the most important things that you have to consider is the width of the shoe. The widest part of your foot is the part that is exposed to the most pressure when pedaling. You really need to make sure that the width of your shoes is perfect. Shoes that are too wide might cause instability, and shoes that are not wide enough will cause you unnecessary discomfort. If you are experiencing pain after riding, there is a good chance that is related to improper shoe width.

When buying regular shoes, you are usually looking to have a little bit of space in between your toes and the end of the shoe. This is not the case with cycling shoes. Your bike shoes need to be a perfect fit. A millimeter of extra space for your toe is all you need.


Security and stability

When it comes to stability and security, we are primarily talking about how your feet fit the pedals and whether they grip them tightly. Obviously, your feet should not be slipping off the pedals if you have the right shoes on. The most important aspect of a cycling shoe is the anchor of the heel. Having a perfect fit between the shoes and the fastening system of the pedals is imperative for safe and painless cycling.


Cycling shoe


That is why it is important to evaluate the fastening system of your pedals as well before choosing the right shoe. If you have buckles or Velcro on your system, they should not be exerting any added pressure on your feet, merely keeping them stable. When choosing your fastening system before you even start looking at shoes, makes sure that it is easy to adjust, even mid-ride. Once you have the right system, find shoes that fit with the system perfectly and offer you all of the support and stability you need without causing you any discomfort.