Possible Risks of Breast Enhancement

Some women choose to undergo breast enhancement surgery in order to feel better about themselves. One type of breast enhancement women consider is getting breast implants. Some women choose to seek out Privé Aesthetic Clinic that can give them breast implants after they have had mastectomies. Other women may seek an aesthetic doctor who can give them breast implants to correct congenital deformities. Still others would like breast augmentation for aesthetic reasons. No matter what your reasons for breast augmentation, getting breast implants is a surgical procedure, and as with any surgical procedure, there are risks you need to consider.

First, while breast implants are often done for aesthetic reasons, sometimes breasts can appear abnormal after surgery. For instance, your breasts may be asymmetric; your two breasts may not be the same size, shape, or at the same level. The implants may also wrinkle, which may be seen or felt. In addition, you may also feel sensation changes in your breasts or nipples after surgery; this side effect may be temporary or permanent in nature.

Some complications of breast implantation surgery occur soon after the procedure is done. Infection is one risk of breast augmentation; while most infections can be treated with a course of antibiotics, breast implants may have to be removed if the infection does not respond to medication. Additionally, some women develop hematomas after breast augmentation surgery. A hematoma occurs when blood collects near the surgery incision. While small hematomas may be absorbed by the body, larger hematomas must be drained through a surgical procedure. Likewise, a seroma, a collection of fluid around the implant, may form after surgery. Like hematomas, the body may be able to absorb small seromas, but surgery will be required to remove larger ones.

Another risk of breast augmentation is that the implants will rupture; the longer you have your implants, the more likely one or both of them will rupture. An implant ruptures when the outer shell of the implant is torn or gets a hole in it. It is highly recommended that you get any ruptured implant removed or replaced.

If you are considering breast augmentation, there are several risks you need to consider before deciding to have the surgery. Hematomas, seromas, infection, rupture, and changes in breast sensation are some of the risks that may occur with breast enhancement.

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