The Importance of Electrochlorination

Electrochlorination¬†is the process many people use to make saltwater potable. Hypochlorite is made by introducing an electric current in salt water. This process disinfects the water and is called desalination. The chlorination makes it safe for human use. Here’s what you need to know about the process.


How Does Desalination Work?

Desalination will produce a chlorinated solution that will make the water potable. To begin this process, the solid sediment is removed from the saltwater and is then inserted into electrolyzer cells. Then, the saltwater will be filtered after it is run through a channel that decreases in thickness.

On one side of the channel is an anode, and the other side is a cathode. The water will flow through the channel where the anode and cathode channel are located. In this location, a low voltage DC current will be applied. When the voltage is applied, sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen gas will be produced.



The type of mechanism used will vary from device to device. When hydrogen is removed from the solution, the water can be stored in the tank. The finished product will contain no chemicals. Only salt or NaCl is required throughout the process.




If the water contains brine, chemicals can be introduced into the system, but it should not propose any threat to the process. They will remain untouched during the electro chlorination process and can be discarded at the end of the process. In general, anything below one percent chlorine is considered to be a non-hazardous chemical.

Electro-chlorination is an eco-friendly way to chlorinate drinking water. It’s considered safe because there is no sludge or by-products generated from the process. It’s also safe because it doesn’t require handling chlorine gas which is highly toxic or corrosive.


Advantages of Chlorination

Chlorination kills all the organisms that may be harmful to people who ingest or are harmful to swimmers. The advantages of electro-chlorination is that it’s not irritating to skin or soft tissue, and it’s active in small concentrations. The quantity of chlorine is easily measurable. The chemical needs to be replaced less often because it has a longer lifespan.


Chlorination Through Electrolysis is Recommended

This process is highly effective because it’s eco-friendly and safe for the whole family. Everyone who lives near saltwater and needs to make use of what’s available should consider the electro-chlorination process. People who travel frequently on boats or who live near the ocean will benefit from this process. The water near the ocean is frequently hard and can be bad on your system.

People who have chronic illnesses and who have cancer will benefit from this process. The water near the ocean can be hard on hair and skin. Have you ever noticed that your hair frizzes near the beach, but when you wash it in filtered water, it doesn’t? This means the water is probably hard, and you need treatment.

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