The 3 Products You Need for Total Anti Aging Skin Care

Many people make the mistake of buying too many skin care products. They stock up on creams and cleansers, thinking that they need all of these to use on a daily basis.
In reality, however, people are spending too much money on their efforts to look their best. When they want their skin to look young and healthy, they only need to buy these three simple, yet effective anti-aging products.


Daily Cleansers

The basis for any good skin care regimen calls for the use of a well-formulated daily skin cleanser. This cleanser should be free of any artificial dyes and scents, which can dry out skin and leave behind harmful residue. Instead, the cleanser should be a carefully created face serum that contains nutrients to fight aging and damage to a person’s skin.

The antioxidants that can be found in the most effective daily cleansers include:

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Melanin
  • Selenium

The cleanser should also contain a mild soap that is scent and dye-free, yet effective in removing dirt, oil, and debris from the skin’s pores.

Double serum


Daily Toner

After washing their faces, people should then use a high-quality toner on their skin. The toner should be formulated as a gentle skin and eye care product, yet also potent enough to tone up and tighten a person’s skin to fight signs of aging. The toner works to remove wrinkles and promote the skin to return to its supple, natural appearance. Some of the components to look for in a good daily toner include:


  • Vitamin K
  • Probiotics
  • Niacin

All of these nutrients fight toxins that may be introduced to the skin through environmental factors like pollution. They also combat growing infections that can cause scarring and deep irreparable lines.




Once they have finished washing their faces and using a toner, people should then remember to use a moisturizer on their faces. Many people, particularly those individuals who have oily skin, think that they do not need to moisturize.

However, moisturizing their faces helps their skin avoid becoming too dry and suffering damages like cracking, peeling, and bleeding. They do not have to use copious amounts of moisturize to benefit from a lotion that is formulated as ananti aging serum. A small amount, about the size of a quarter, can be enough to remove signs of aging and also help restore a person’s skin to its youthful appearance.


As with other daily products, it is essential that people choose a moisturizer that has the right ingredients in it. The product should not contain artificial dyes and scents. Rather, it should contain natural ingredients like shea or cocoa butter, as well as Vitamin E, lanolin, and Vitamin K for good skin health.

Taking care of one’s skin does not require that a person go out and spend a lot of money buying a host of different products. This person can get the youthful, soft appearance he or she wants by keeping three important anti-aging products on hand to use every day.

Natural, Everyday Makeup is Easy (My Tricks Using Korean Makeup Products!)


We just love make up, don’t we? As women, we should always pay attention to our appearance. Together with a nice appearance, it is necessary to take care of the health of our skin. In the markets, you can find many beauty products, and we are simply tired of trying makeup that does not work and advertisements that promise a beautiful look and then nothing happens. Now we can buy a product which is for nifty ladies who know how to choose.


We live fast and we have to be fast! Because of the 21st century, we have an obligation to look pretty and nice from day to day. There are lots of tutorials on the Internet, and fashion experts recommend very expensive products, and I have to find some replacement for the beauty products that I need for my makeup daily routine. I believe that you have also established some sort of morning routine when it comes to saving time for school, college or work.


But what makeup to put on? We need some simple tricks for it!


Many women do not have enough time for makeup, especially because they do not know some tricks and how to apply their makeup quickly.
One of the simple tricks I learnt many years ago is that I have to look natural.Also, I always wanted to have bigger eyelashes and eyes, so I had to find out how to make them look bigger without using fake eyelashes or putting on some aggressive mascara because my eyes are very sensitive.


Today I will teach you how to put on makeup for school or work as well as what products are recommended for young skin.


Firstly, I have to cover the bags under my eyes, so I put on 3CE duo cover concealer. After that, I apply eyeshadow by 3CE Singapore (One Color Shadow Matte Madeleine 18g which gives you a natural look) on the inside of my upper eyelids. I apply a small amount below the lower eyelids to emphasize the eyes. I have a great experience with this eye shadow. It is nice and great for sensitive skin above the eyes, and I highly recommend it! I also put on a mascara (you can try Wet ‘n’ Wild by the same brand), and then I put on baby powder with a cotton swab, little. After that, you should apply your mascara again and make your lashes curly with your eyelash curler.


eyeshadow by 3CE Singapore


To cover your skin imperfections, use powder and corrector. You can contour your face with bronzer and Banila Co blushes depending on your face shape (you can find lots of tutorials on the Internet). My face is round, so I have to put blush on my cheeks and a little on my forehead.


Banila Co blushes


If you want to make your eyes even bigger, you should use eyeliner. To have a natural look, you have to draw a skinny line above your upper eyelids and just a bit outside your eyelids. You can make the part of the line that goes outside the eyelids a bit bolder.
All the products mentioned here are available on the official website!