Quick and Easy Tips For Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are different than other flooring. They are susceptible to damage – water damage causing buckling and warped boards. And scratches and chips from shoes or dropping hard objects to name a few. Proper care and maintenance can help keep your hardwoods looking luxurious and new, starting with how you clean them.

Unlike tile and linoleum, a bucket of water and floor-cleaning-chemicals are not recommended for hardwoods. Water and wood don’t mix and overtime can cause serious damage. Many chemicals are also unsafe to use on your hardwoods.

If you want to know the best ways to keep your hardwoods clean while preserving their beauty, try some of these tips for proper hardwood care:

• Sweep – Sweeping with a soft bristled broom removes dirt, pet hair and crumbs without damaging or scratching the wood. Sweeping in between thorough cleanings helps preserve your floors.

• Wipe up spills – Keeping on top of spills helps to prevent damage to your floors and keep them looking nice. A dry towel to soak up the spill first, followed by a moist towel to get the sticky residue but be sure to dry the area after.

• Vacuum – Vacuuming is recommended on your hardwoods so long as the wheels and cleaning device don’t have sharp areas that can scratch or damage the wood. One vacuum that shows great results for hardwoods is the Roomba 650.


Roomba 650:

The Roomba is unique in that it is a robotic vacuum that can be set to clean when you need it to. If you want it to clean 7 days a week, you can program it to. Or, push a button and have it clean on demand. After each cleaning the Roomba 650 will retract to its home base and recharge. The latest in technology for vacuums, it is safe, easy and gentle on your hardwood floors.


Cleaning agents to avoid using on your hardwoods:

• Water – water can warp your wood floors.
• Silicone, undiluted vinegar or ammonia – all damage your floor’s finish.
• Oil soaps or products with wax – Will leave a residue on your wood.
• Citrus, lemon or tung oil products – These products can eat away the finish on your floors.