SAT- How to Approach Vocabulary Study

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

– ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll

We should be glad that Lewis Carroll’s nonsense verse won’t be tested heavily on the SAT. But how do we learn the words we need to succeed on the verbal section?

First, recognize that there is a certain type of word that just is an SAT word. They’re words that make you look at them and say, ‘Shucks, I feel like I have the meaning of that word on the tip of my tongue- I should know what it means but I don’t!’ – In other words, you won’t see words like ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ on the SAT.

Another type of common word on the SAT is one that you might not know but could decode- you can figure it out if you’re clever. A strong understanding of the building blocks of words (prefixes and suffixes) can help here. For example, the prefix ‘di’ means ‘two’, so you might guess ‘dichotomy’ has something to do with two (it means ‘any splitting of a whole into two non-overlapping parts’)

To memorize, come up with mnemonic devices (repetition techniques); research suggests that the most effective ones are visual. For each tricky word you encounter, spend 15 seconds coming up with a ridiculous picture or image that will help you remember the word. Jot it down on the back of a flash card with the word on the other side. You’ll be surprised how much mental imagery can boost your preparation.

(‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ is the act or habit of describing or regarding something as unimportant, and at 29 letters is widely regarded as the longest non-technical word in the English language)




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Can Acupuncture Help Women With Infertility?

When battling infertility, experimenting with natural remedies can seem like a more attractive route to take. Acupuncture has long been one of the most ancient natural methods for combating infertility for years. As you read this article, you’ll learn how acupuncture can help women with infertility.


How Acupuncture Can Help with Infertility 

There’s no doubt that contemporary infertility treatment methods can be both exhausting and expensive. Whether you’re taking hormone pills or receiving in vitro fertilization shots, modern infertility treatment options can be costly and overwhelming. Thankfully, infertility treatment far exceeds the expensive options seen in the present and includes more natural, ancient styles of treatment like acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice that is categorized under Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) and involves carefully placing needles into specific parts of your body that are thought to produce the essential energy needed for overall balance. The basis of acupuncture, according to TCM, asserts that this balance, including physical, emotional, and spiritual, is critical not only in achieving a good mood, but also in achieving the necessary energy stability or life-producing energy, known as Qi, to successfully become pregnant. Medical experts who perform acupuncture state that acupuncture improves the performance of the body, significantly reducing stress and stimulating blood flow, which are believed to potentially help increase a woman’s chance of conception.


Alternative TreatmentWhat to Expect During an Acupuncture Session 

The most reputable acupuncture sessions available are those offered by fertility clinics, including the TCM fertility clinic in Singapore, among others. Standard sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. The areas in which the immensely thin needles, generally ranging in lengths from half an inch to four inches, will be placed are first sterilized. The needles are then placed into the designated areas by the highly-trained acupuncturist and kept there until the end of the session. Many acupuncturists believe that the ideal acupuncture method for infertility consists of one thirty minute session, two or three times a week over the span of several months.



There’s no denying that the debate over the efficacy of acupuncture, without the assistance of other infertility treatment methods, still exists. However, when you’re feeling burned out from more extreme infertility treatment options or are unable to afford them, acupuncture certainly presents a more natural option to fight infertility. By working to eliminate stress and achieve balance within your body, acupuncture undoubtedly offers an appealing alternative to more modern methods of fertility treatment.


Teaching Religion to Children: Book on Christianity

Keep The Faith by Mike Berenstain

When it comes to teaching religion to your kids, it is often difficult to find adequate teaching material. As a Christian parent, you only want what is best for your kids. Christianity books for children are often filled with many questionable ideas that a parent might suspect are not wholesome. Unfortunately, some authors of many such books either do not hold to your understanding of doctrine, or may not appear to be teaching Christianity at all. At least, not the Christianity you grew up with. For this reason, it is important for today’s Christian parent to develop a watchful eye. Many religious books claiming to be Christian in origin actively introduce ideas that arise from pagan traditions and origins. This is something you may not want creeping into your Christian home and influencing your children.


God Gave Us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergren
God Gave Us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergren


Hugs & Kisses, God by Allia Zobel Nolan
Hugs & Kisses, God by Allia Zobel Nolan


Keep The Faith by Mike Berenstain
Keep The Faith by Mike Berenstain



The Easter Story by Patricia A
The Easter Story by Patricia A


On the other hand, trying to filter out all the questionable ideas for your children does not always help to ensure that their own mind’s ability to discern truth from error is developing properly. Sometimes, it is best to determine which ideas that are not wholesome are age appropriate for them to have open discussions with you. This way, you can begin to expose your children to the reality that not everything being taught in some of these books is good for them, as well as helping them to navigate and identify the reasons why this is the case. By encouraging your kids to openly talk about such things with you, this helps to develop the good habit of getting your kids to come to you when a particular idea or teaching is bothering them. This is a sign of Christian maturity that a lot of parents fail to recognize is going on inside their children. This is not the time to tell your child what they should or should not believe. If you are always telling them what to believe, it will typically lead them to depend on you to do their thinking for them. Children who depend on others to think things out for them are usually not prepared to weather the storm in times when their faith is truly being tested and no one is around to tell them what to think.

Of course, this begs the question, “How do you teach religion to your kids?” One way is to refuse to allow your kids to be lazy thinkers. In this capacity, those books with questionable ideas become material for challenging your kids to think. Instead of dominating the discussion, it is perhaps best to raise issues and question the child in a way that helps them to see that you are interested in how they reason things out–especially when it comes to questionable ideas found in some of these books floating around in Christianity. In the process of doing this, this not only teaches the child religion in an intelligent fashion, it also gives the parent a chance to improve their own capacity to think. Because, it won’t be long before your child will bring up questions and ideas that will challenge your own understanding of things. When you provide a child with the right environment to learn, it is much easier for them to learn how to think on their feet. Shop for Christianity Books @ NoQStore


The Wide Use of English Language in Malaysia

Students are required to study English in Malaysian schools despite the evolution of the Malaysian education system toward Bahasa Malaysia as the official language of instruction. In 1974, communicative language teaching was proposed for the English language course syllabus. The approach has been to engage learners in relevant interaction and meaningful communication. There are, however, great differences in the language learning process between the secondary schools, university classrooms and private language schools.

A great place to learn English in Malaysia is at a private English language school (see ELEC). A good option is one that offers a unique system and allows students to tailor their courses to their individual needs. A student can choose from General English or Academic English with IELTS as their major study program. A bonus program is the afternoon Special Focus Modules. Each student selects a focus according to his/her needs. These optional English Extras classes are interesting and fun. More details about the programs are below.


ELEC Language Center Malaysia
ELEC Language Center Malaysia


✍ The General English Program is for students who want to learn more effective verbal communication. Each student makes fast progress in English fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading and writing skills.

✍ The Academic English with IELTS Program is for students who want to develop knowledge of the IELTS exam and improve test taking and academic skills. Each student improves his/her study skills and fluency for presentations. The course also helps with academic reading and writing skills as well as listening skills.


✍ Special classes are offered in the afternoons for students who need to make really fast progress and want to focus on particular individual needs during one-on-one lessons. The goal could be, for example, to focus on Business English for a particular job. Other goals could be to improve fluency skills, writing skills or exam preparation. The teachers are highly skilled and experienced professionals who are patient. Five hours per week of English Extras are usually available.

Unique to ELC, English Extras give you the chance to practice your English skills in a relaxed and stimulating environment while learning new skills and making friends. These optional special interest classes and clubs are offered after class in the afternoons. A student simply chooses the Extras he/she is most interested in or the class that will be the most useful.

Malaysia is an ideal place to learn English because the language schools offer a variety of learning options and hire excellent teachers.



How to Apply For a Mortgage in Singapore

When living in Singapore, many want to buy a house as it is a dynamic place that is great to raise a family or run a business. Fortunately, it is an excellent place for one to buy a house, and it should be easy for the average person to qualify for a mortgage. With these three tips, one should have no issues when applying for a mortgage in Singapore.

Prepared: In Singapore, a buyer must have all the paperwork in order before approaching a real estate agent or bank. For starters, one should round-up all their pay stubs and other information listing their income. To take it further, the customer should bring other information that would help them qualify for a loan. Remember, just like in most of the world, one must have everything ready when heading to the lending institution. To make things go smoothly, a potential customer must also bring copies of his or her credit report as this will help the bank determine the overall credit worthiness of the customer. With this information, the mortgage company can now decide if they will give the loan.

Shop around: Provided that a customer receives a favorable response from the bank, his or her job is not yet done. Now, a shopper should approach multiple lending institutions, so they can find the best deal. One way to look at rates from multiple companies is to head to; at this website, a customer can find a home loan that fits his or her situation. When finding the best rate, one should head to the mortgage company website or office location and apply for a loan.





Remember: When applying for loans, ideally, a customer should stop by at least five lending institutions. When doing this, and using the best home loan calculator @ Find-A-Home-Loan, a shopper will have no trouble finding most favorable rates. After obtaining the offers, a savvy buyer should try to get the mortgage lenders to bid against on another. When asking for another look, one can get their rate lowered and save more money. Remember, the industry is extremely competitive, and a qualified borrower should always try to squeeze every last dollar out of the transaction.

In reality, Singapore is an excellent place to live and a buyer will do well in both the short and long-term. With these three simple tips, a shopper should qualify for a mortgage so he or she can buy the house of their dreams. Remember, when showing up ready, one will impress the real estate agent and mortgage company.

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