Do Organic Hair Dyes Work?

freshen up your look. However, the problem with dying your hair is that you have to use dye to accomplish the hair color change. Dye is unfortunately filled with harsh chemicals that can lead to irreversible damage to your hair and scalp. Because of that damage, your hair can become fragile, dry, frizzy, break off and even fall out from the bulbs. Another common problem that occurs with hair dye is the fact that it can cause an allergic reaction. Chemicals like ammonia and PPD are very irritating and can cause swelling, bumps and redness. Dying your hair excessively can cause you to develop thinning hair and can burn your hair follicles, thus causing irreversible damage.

Avoiding hair dye is the best thing you can do for your hair, but where’s the fun in that? Instead of using chemical-filled dyes, you should TRY more natural hair products. A common question that people ask is whether organic hair dyes work. Here you can find the answer to that question:

A lot of people want to avoid using chemical hair dyes, which is why people are resorting to organic dyes instead. Vegetable-based dyes tend to contain less harmful chemicals than their counterparts. They’re are also a lot less damaging since they contain conditioning agents and are free of ammonia. However, although ammonia leaves the hair fried, it helps the color look more vibrant. Organic dyes don’t have ammonia, so they might not leave the color as vibrant as you’d like.

Luckily, organic hair dyes can cover gray hairs with ease, and the results of the dye job can last for a few months before it starts to fade. But, bear in mind that the results of natural dyes will not last as long as regular dye and will fade more easily. Another benefit of using organic dyes is the fact that, since they contain less chemicals, there are less chances of developing an allergic reaction; that doesn’t mean, though, that people can’t be allergic to organic dyes, so if you choose to color your hair, you must remember to do a patch test before.

A common misunderstanding about organic dyes is that people think they’re completely void of harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, all ‘organic’ dyes have chemicals; they would’t be able to color hair if they didn’t. As a result, organic dyes aren’t truly organic. Some brands of organic dye might even contain harsh, irritating chemicals as well. In fact, some organic dyes aren’t FDA approved, so you have to be careful with them.

A lot of men and women choose to dye their hair, but end up with plenty of damage. Being careful when it comes to chemicals is crucial because they can cause irreversible damage to your scalp and even cause cancer in the future. Natural alternatives are always a better choice because they are less irritating and generally healthier.