Leading Law Education Programmes in Malaysia

The education industry in Malaysia is managed by two government agencies. The lower grades are a part of the Ministry of Education. The advanced degree programmes are a part of the Ministry of Higher Education. Each region within Malaysia has its own government that oversees the various schools that offer certain types of education. The Education Act of 1996 defines the many rules that apply within the educational industry in Malaysia.




Malaysia Law Schools

A law education programme in Malaysia is a part of the educational structure within this country. A legal education may include several areas of study, and these educational tracks include the following:

1. A standard law track in Malaysia may include courses in law with languages.

2. Politics and accountancy are two areas of study that are a part of most core curriculum studies.

3. Elective studies within a legal degree may include government studies, employment law, agency and business law, intellectual property studies, and international law.

4. The legal degree includes transition training from academia to business and industry. Most university law degrees within Malaysia have a business and contemporary focus. The studies are liberal arts focused and market driven.


Exchange Curriculum

There are several options that are available for the law student who wishes to study abroad at a Malaysian law school. Studying abroad can be a source of hands on professional experience within a unique jurisdictional setting. International law students may find that a student exchange plan with Malaysia is appropriate. Many foreign students sign up for a UK business transfer program each year for overseas instruction.


Standard J.D. Degree and the LL.M. Degree

A standard J.D. degree or juris doctorate from a school in Malaysia is usually 83 credits. A semester can be planned abroad with a participating overseas law school. There may be required pro bono hours or free hours of legal assistance that must be offered to the local community. This type of pro bono work provides a local internship for the law student and provides a much needed service to the local community at large. Most legal degrees within Malaysia require a major and minor writing assignment for the student as well. The writing composition is a type of dissertation in the area of major study. There may be a minor area of study.



A legal degree is available within the jurisdiction of Malaysia. The Education Act of 1996 began several educational programmes that have been offered to the residents of this country and to those students who wish to participate in a student exchange plan. A law degree from Malaysia may include several semesters with a participating overseas country. This type of law degree may focus on international law and contemporary market driven results. The legal curriculum is liberal in content, and both Muslim and custom law are studied. There is specific training that involves a successful transition from an academic culture to a culture of industry. English and Arabic are spoken. Also see 5 Things You Need To Know Before Going To Law School


Roomba 780: Best Robot Cleaner For All Floor Types

The Roomba 780 is one of the latest models from the top-notch 700 series from iRobot, one of the biggest household names for robotic vacuum cleaners. In comparison to earlier models, the 780 is outfitted with tremendous new bonus features that fix all the bugs, glitches, and problems of the past. One of the top features of the 780 is its ability to perfectly clean all flooring types that you may have in your home or apartment. From hardwood and laminate to carpet and tiling, the 780 has no problem effectively cleaning and transitioning from one type to the other. Check out some of the other awesome features that come with the new and improved Roomba 780.


iRobot Romba 780 has a cliff sensor that means it won't throw itself down steep drops
iRobot Romba 780 has a cliff sensor that means it won’t throw itself down steep drops



Effective Three-Step Cleaning System

When it comes to a high-quality cleaning that leaves all floor types spotless, the 780 surely takes the crown with its patented three-step cleaning processes. In the first stage, the spinning brush along the side of the cleaner collects all dirt and dust from the corners and baseboards of the rooms. Then, step two involves the counter spinner brush gathers up the debris being swept in. Finally, the cleaner sucks up all dust, hair, dander, and dirt with its amazingly powerful suction power. Even more importantly, all of the debris becomes trapped in a specialized HEPA filter to protect all residents with allergies.





Simple and Convenient Programming

For such an advanced, high-tech robotic cleaner, iRobot’s 780 is shockingly simple to use to schedule routine cleanings to fit your hectic daily life. On the large touch screen on the top of the unit, owners can conveniently schedule a specific cleaning time by adjusting the day, hour, and even minute that the 780 will begin its cycle. If an immediate clean is needed for an unexpected mess or accident, pressing the large green button in the middle will start cleaning instantly. You can even use the handy remote control to turn the unit on, from anywhere within your home.





Efficient Room Mapping Skills

Although owners of other iRobot cleaners have complained about their Roomba missing spots in its cleaning pattern, this is surely not a problem with the improved 780. Once the unit enters a room, it has the ability to map out the entire room and make up to 60 decisions a second to choose an appropriate pattern. Whenever the 780 approaches a piece of furniture, it utilizes a soft rubber bumper to gently bounce off and recalculate its next route. With the two lighthouse virtual walls, the 780 can travel throughout your house from room to room without getting lost as well.


Hands-on with the iRobot Roomba 780

The Roomba 780 is highly regarded as the best robotic vacuum for a thorough and worry-free cleaning on all floor types. Although the robotic vacuum is on the pricey side, it is definitely worth the investment for homeowners who hate to spend time on the hassle of vacuuming. With its amazing convenience, the 780 will always ensure that you will be coming home to a clean space free of dirt, dust, allergens, and other common household toxins. For more information on similar robotic vacuums available, see more robotic vacuum brands HERE.