Popping Pimples: Good or Bad?

Acne is a very common affliction that can be painful to deal with (learn more about Why You Keep Getting Pimple Scars and Acne). One of the worst aspects of acne is the loss of self-confidence that often comes with blemishes and bumps. Some people try popping their pimples in the hopes of hiding marks; however, this can lead to more severe acne and scarring. If you want to be free from acne, then take the time now to begin a safe and effective approach for clear skin.

Popping pimples is very common amongst teenagers and those experiencing acne for the first time. While popping may get rid of whiteheads temporarily, it can lead to serious problems in the long run. Popping pimples can lead to bacterial infections that cause more severe acne or even blood infections. Even with clean hands, popping will often lead to permanent scarring. These marks are much more difficult to get rid of than acne.


If you are experiencing problems due to acne, then you should visit a specialist skin clinic to get started on a proper regimen. These clinics will help to find the root cause of your acne to make treatment much more efficient. Since acne can be caused due to a variety of reasons, it is crucial that you find the root cause. Sometimes acne is present due to hormones, and other times it may be due to poor hygiene. To treat your individual case, dermatologists will provide all of the necessary washes, creams, or medications. They will also help you with scar prevention and maintenance.

By visiting a specialist skin clinic, you will be able to treat your acne and enjoy clear skin in no time. Avoid using damaging remedies like popping in order to get the best results. By taking action now, you will be able to manage your acne before it becomes out of control. For more information, visit www.dermatologist.sg for the best in acne treatment.