Alternatives to the iRobot Vacuum Cleaner

The advances in technology are used to create better products for the consumer. The robotic vacuum cleaners use computer technology which allows them to be self-moving devices. The ability of the machine to move about the room without the assistance of a human, makes them more efficient. The iRobot vacuum comes in several different models designed to suit the cleaning needs of different households. The two most popular models made for household use are the Roomba and the Scooba, which both use a round shape for the design of the machine. While these products are popular among consumers, there are alternatives to the iRobot vacuum cleaners.

The Roboking is also designed with a round shape, which is more conducive for getting close to the baseboards inside rooms. This particular machine uses HEPA filters which collect minute dust particles as well as pollen and dirt. The filters can be removed, cleaned and replaced or changed when needed. The ability to trap small particles inside these filters makes the air inside the room healthier. This is particularly beneficial to people who suffer from allergies to dust or pollen. The Roboking is a brushless vacuum system which runs on a long life lithium battery.

Another alternative machine to the iRobot products is the Neato vacuum. This unit has a u-shaped design with the controls placed on the top of the unit for easy access. The vacuum process starts with the machine mapping out the boundaries of a room so it knows where to move to avoid colliding with obstacles. The on-board sensors also help the machine detect obstacles so it can maneuver around furniture and staircases. The Neato vacuum is a bagless systems which uses a dust and dirt collecting bin made of molded plastic. The bin can be removed for emptying.

Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System


The manufacturers of these computerized vacuum cleaners are located in several different countries. Singapore is one of the leading areas for manufacturing these products. The Robovac and iRobot can be found in this country as can the Iclebo Arte vacuum. The Iclebo Arte uses a different type of technology than the standard sensor system. This machine comes with an on-board camera and an internal computer designed to use algorithms in mapping out the territory it will clean. It is also one of the machines designed to use accessory items which includes wet mops for dusting hard floors and side brushes for clearing dust off the tops of baseboards.

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