6 Qualities of Good Timber Flooring

There are six qualities that are essential in solid wood flooring to achieve stunning results, with a wooden floor:

1. Straight boards: Each and every board has to be straight without any warping.

2. Uniform thickness: The thickness of every board must be the same. If the boards are not the same thickness a wavy floor is the result.

3. V joints must be small and consistent (V joints are where the boards meet, and form a v.) If the V joints are large, you will have dust and dirt collect in the space; this just makes cleaning the floor more work.

4. Uniform finish: The finish must be applied evenly over the complete surface of every board, including the v joint.

5. Consistent color: All boards from all boxes should be the same color.

6. Boards should be free of dead knots, decay or fungi.

There are so many beautiful varieties of hardwood flooring. A few notable ones are:

• Brazilian Cherry Wood (Jatoba): Has a wonderful rich golden luster. Brazilian Cherry Wood can be gray, pink or white in its sapwood, and in the heartwood the color ranges from orange-brown when cut, and a rusty brown color when it ages.

• White Oak: Has a beautiful grain that is clearly visible and the color ranges from light beige to grayish brown.

• Red Oak: Has a beautiful even grain and a beautiful reddish brown color.

• Yellow Birch: Has a close grain that is usually straight but sometimes has a wavy, curly look. There isn’t much variation in the color from board to board.

• Walnut: The color of Walnut can range from a very rich dark brown to a purplish black.

Flooring installation is very important in achieving a beautiful durable wooden floor. You want to have the highest quality materials coupled with a professional crew of a competent flooring company. Always check the references of the flooring company you hire. Top quality materials need proper installation for a beautiful floor that will last the life of your home.

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